Did the Boeing 737 MAX Whitetail find a customer in the United States?

US airlines have recently ordered large quantities of American narrow bodies. Currently, it is reported that some of the aircraft in question may have white tails. An airplane that has already been manufactured but has not yet been sold.

Boeing has built over 800 737-8 and 737-9 planes. When the 737 MAX landed worldwide in March 2019, only about half of the aircraft were delivered to airlines around the world, 460 planes were stored at Boeing’s facility, and $ 16 billion in inventory was frozen. It was. All 100 of these aircraft reportedly have white tails. An aircraft whose purchaser has withdrawn an order due to unexpected financial difficulties.

Boeing has reportedly reduced its inventory of 737 MAX aircraft significantly within the past year. In July 2020, American manufacturers had 100 such planes, but now there are only 10. The Wall Street Journal reported on June 12, 2021.

Boeing white tail problem

The 737 MAX was supposed to be Boeing’s new superseller. Instead, it has been a headache since March 2019.

The jet landed in March 2019 after the MAX 8 crashed a second fatally within a few months. The aircraft remained grounded for a year and a half until the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) finally lifted it in November 2020. Prolonged ground contact, at least according to airlines, was a huge loss for MAX operators around the world.

In addition to facing the PR catastrophe, Boeing has responded to many dissatisfied customers and has been accused of refusing to return the canceled Whitetail prepayment.

It is understood that some companies that have ordered MAX deliveries but have not yet received them have reached an agreement with the manufacturer and succeeded in canceling without penalty.

During the pandemic, when airlines began to struggle to keep floating, Boeing failed in trying to find a new owner of MAX, which had already been abandoned. In October 2020, Boeing reportedly offered Delta to buy 40 white tails, but the deal was unsuccessful.

Which airlines can buy whitetail aircraft?

However, reports show that the US aircraft carrier eventually came to rescue MAX. The above publication shows that at least three US-based airlines, United, Alaska and Southwest, are looking to add Whitetail to their MAX orderbooks.

United Airlines became the first airline to deliver a new MAX aircraft after takeoff on December 8, 2020. Then, in March 2021, the airline ordered 25 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft and asked Boeing to raise the order timeline. You will receive 45 MAX jets earlier than planned. Currently, The Wall Street Journal reports that some of the orders include jets from Boeing’s inventory, while others are new aircraft.

Southwest Airlines (LUV) Also accelerated plans to refurbish the fleet by ordering additional 737 MAX aircraft. On June 8, 2021, the Dallas-based company announced an additional order for 34 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, revealing that it is intensively preparing for the recovery of domestic air travel. did.

Another major airline, Alaska Airlines, renewed its commitment to Boeing in March 2021 and purchased a total of 120 aircraft, including 52 options and leasing commitments. The report showed that nine of the MAX9 variants could be white tails.

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