Dickies is seeing a big jump in conversion thanks to 3DLook technology

Dickies, a brand of workwear and apparel owned by VF Corp., has recorded a 94% jump in conversions since the deployment of the 3DLook size and approach recommendation on the Alibaba Group Tmall platform.

According to a press release, the technology also boosts customer satisfaction by offering a personalized customization experience. It was rolled out in the spring of 2021, and research shows that 87% of customers said the tool has improved the shopping experience and would like recommendations on size and approach to be extended to other products.

Overall, an independent study concluded that the tool “had a positive impact on the Dickies brand image and was perceived as strong in creating a young and innovative image and sense of style,” the release said.

With the deployment of technology Dickies was able to reduce customer dependence on support staff and increase the efficiency of the purchasing process. In addition, the brand used the 3DLook solution as an opportunity to offer a unique, engaging customer experience to young China Generation Z buyers who are knowledgeable about the digital technologies that make up the majority of Tmall’s active consumers.

“Personalization is more important than ever, and we know that today’s digital consumers expect a purchase that will meet their individual needs,” said in a release Whitney Catcart, co-founder and chief strategy officer of 3DLook. “Because size selection is a big hurdle to buying, our suitable solution for Dickies has yielded results that meet the requirements of their buyers.”

https://www.retailcustomerexperience.com/news/dickies-sees-big-conversion-jump-due-to-3dlook-tech/ Dickies is seeing a big jump in conversion thanks to 3DLook technology

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