Defending Austin, Millie, A-10 Global Hawk Retirement at SASC-Breaking Defense

General Mark Milley and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin testify to SASC.

Washington: During a long day on the Senate Military Commission, MPs today nominate Frank Kendall as Secretary of the Air Force and Heidi Shu as Deputy Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering. Approved in the afternoon vocal vote. Secretary of Defense defending the 2022 budget.

The biggest challenge facing the Biden administration as 2022’s demands pass parliament is to plan to sell many aging weapons that the Pentagon is expensive to maintain and run out of money used for new ones. It is almost certain that lawmakers will oppose it. A weapon to deter China. General Mark Milley and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have made it clear that they will face criticism from lawmakers who really don’t like change because it can affect employment and cash in constituencies and states. I knew.

Republican Senator Kevin Cramer of North Dakota RQ-4 Global Hawk Block 30His state is, of course, the host of the Global Hawks at Beale Air Force Base.

“It’s about relevance and pivoting to the future,” Milley explains. “This budget is a bias against future business conditions, changes in the nature of the war, and the threat of China’s pace. It means shutting down everything about the A-10, MQ-9, or some of these systems. Not, but we need to go in that direction. “

And of course, some members of SASC Protected the A-10 As the best close air support aircraft, it is unique in the US fleet. They encountered Millie, who had experienced considerable combat and admitted that she liked desert warthogs, but the Army General defended the decision. He also diagonally mentioned the fact that A-10 supporters haven’t discussed much: it’s a vulnerability in large-scale warfare.

“We need to be aware of the future operational environment and the changing nature of the war and start a shift towards it, and at some point in the future, it will be relevant to Tier 1 enemies, We need to shift our ability to survive and be effective. This is a slight reduction in the number of A-10s. I think it’s an acceptable risk and we support the Air Force’s recommendations. ” The general said.

One of the more interesting interactions is with Senator Angus King, who was concerned about “accidental clashes.” With China He pointed out that the top American competitors do not have a hotline as they could explode in Taiwan.

“This should be a national security priority,” he told Austin and Millie.

When asked if this was a good idea to Austin, the Secretary of Defense said, “I think we need the ability to speak not only with our allies and partners, but also with your enemies and potential enemies.”

Undoubtedly, in the midst of a horrifying Frison swirling around Chinese leadership, King said he had found 11 Barbara Tuchman’s book, The Gun of August. In Chinese on Amazon He threatened to send them to the Politburo. I’m betting that they will find the next account. Defeat of the Japanese Russian fleet in 1905 More intriguing. Defending Austin, Millie, A-10 Global Hawk Retirement at SASC-Breaking Defense

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