David Montenegro: Red Arrows boss suspended from tour

Commander v Red arrows, Wing Commander David Montenegro, was suspended pending an investigation into a relationship with a female Cpl. In an official statement, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) confirmed that Montenegro had resigned as commander and explained that the investigation into the allegations was ongoing.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense said: RAF is aware of the historic 2017 allegations against the current officer in command of the RAF (Red Arrows) Aerobatic Group, which will be thoroughly investigated. Pending that investigation, the man was suspended without prejudice. While the investigation is ongoing, we will not comment further.”

Montenegro were rejected and sent home during the Red Arrows’ Gulf tour, leaving Acrobatics Squadron without their leader. However, they are expected to complete the tour.

Earlier in 2022, members of the Red Arrows were accused of misogyny, sexual harassment and bullying. Over 250 hours of evidence was given to investigate these claims by more than 40 Royal Air Force personnel.

The probe was picked up by 40 members of the Red Arrow. Two squadron members were removed from the team in November – Flight Lieutenants Damon Green and Will Cambridge.

However, Montenegro is the most senior member of the Red Arrows to be suspended as the investigation continues. As a wing commander, he is also the most senior member of the squadron.

The Red Arrows were formed in 1964 when all the existing aerobatic groups in the RAF merged. The planes are painted red to stand out in the sky both for the enjoyment of the public and for the safety of the pilots. David Montenegro: Red Arrows boss suspended from tour

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