Custom programs, optimal weed control

I grew up in the Arkansas Delta and have always been on a farm. When I came of age to work, I helped the district rice growers put the dam gates in the spring and pull them out in the fall. My friends and I were known here as the “bottling brigade”. After graduating from college I went to work at Ritter Crop Services in McCroy, Arkansas, as a consultant. About five years ago I joined Hefty Seed Co. in August.

For me, weeds are always a problem of weeds. This year will not be otherwise. As always, we hope to remove the residue and activate behind the planter if possible. If spraying is delayed, I will do an early application after the grass gets too big. ALS-resistant sedge is becoming an increasing problem in my region, but I never practiced it until last year.

Strategies to control weeds and pigs

I look at both rice and rice. In the rice rice situation we are struggling with barn grass and pigs. In the line rice I like to get two or three leftovers behind the planter. Depending on how much leftovers I get, I may have to make an early application of rice with 2-3 sheets. In common rice it is usually the herbicides Stam and Prowl. In the Clearfield / FullPage situation I replace Stam with Preface / Newpath herbicides. Two weeks later I spray it with Loyant® herbicide and maybe a little more Prowl, go on a flood and it goes to race. With Loyant, pork herbs are not a problem for steamed rice because it works very well.

When I’m going for a big weed, the Grasp® SC herbicide or Regiment herbicide picks it up along with other deciduous and aquatic plants. For the past two years, when we had a lot of aquatic rice, the RebelEX® herbicide has been useful in certain situations with aquatic plants and larger grasses. If the temperature is 90 degrees Fahrenheit, constant rain causes delays, and the grass leaves a new leaf every three days, I am grateful for options like RebelEX to fight the problematic weeds.

Preflood, I use Grasp because it pulls out larger grass as well as eclipse and other aquatic plants in water or dry rice. If a farmer wants to get rid of an overgrown flood, I apply 15 ounces of Clincher® SF herbicide with 1 quart of COC or MSO.

Each field is different. I always adjust my herbicide recommendations based on the weed spectrum and weed size. They are on the farm and in the field. Custom programs, optimal weed control

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