Culinary shows are waiting for the winners

Culinary demonstrations are currently being delivered to the winners of the school’s weekend competition at the Bank of Ireland’s virtual farm, coordinated by the Ulster Farmers Union (UFU). The winners of the 2021 competition are: Lisnadyl Primary School, Co Armagh, St. Joseph Primary School, Galbally, Edwards Primary School, Co Tyrone, Ballynahinch Primary School, Co Down and Beechlawn Special School, Co Down.

Speaking about the culinary demonstrations, LMC Marketing and Communications Manager Lauren Patterson said: “LMC is excited to work with the Ulster Farmers Union to hold exciting demonstrations in schools across the province. It is already clear that young children really understand what good nutrition is and the role of beef and lamb in this regard. It was nice to see first hand their intrigue when it comes to finding out where their food comes from and how it helps them grow. ”

UFU Vice President David Brown said: “UFU was delighted that the LMC held a demonstration in school cooking as part of the 2021 Virtual Farm Weekend school competition prize. The winning schools in each category received a wonderful culinary demonstration, tasting delicious, high-quality local products.

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Winner of the Virtual Farm in Weekend Schools Competition Ruben Callahan in a photo with (LR) Miss Proctor, Primary School Teacher 3/4, Sarah Toland, LMC Consumer Education and Promotion Manager, Liz Brown, LMC Cooking Demonstrator, Lauren Patterson, Division LMC Communications Manager and Lincey Hawks, UFU Communications Assistant.

“It was extremely encouraging to see students participate and interact with cooking demonstrations at school, expanding their knowledge of history from farm to fork.” This gave LMC Liz’s teachers, students and chefs the opportunity to start a classroom discussion about the origins of food and the importance of agriculture and local food production in Northern Ireland. This encouragement is very important to support students to learn more about how farmers work hard to produce delicious healthy food on our tables, and about how we take care of the countryside that everyone enjoys. ”

Joe Kelly, a teacher at St. Joseph’s Elementary School, Galbali added: “The kids really enjoyed the culinary demonstration with the talented Liz Brown. It was the first such demonstration at our school. They talked about it a few days after that and even made pasta with beef chili for their moms and dads at home. Parents noted how much their child knows where their food comes from, and the parents themselves for some reason found out. I believe that this is something that should be carried out in all primary schools, because the knowledge and information they have received has already been of great benefit to them. “

It has been almost 25 years since the LMC educational program was launched in primary schools, with culinary demonstrations among educational resources. With overwhelmingly positive feedback from recent primary school demonstrations Lauren Patterson of the LMC has announced exciting plans to expand the Commission’s educational program to include this age group.

“This year we plan to complete 375 school culinary demonstrations by March. They were in high demand in light of the impact of Covid-19 on practical cooking lessons. We are pleased to confirm that we plan to expand our educational resources to primary schools. We know that health, well-being and care for the environment are key factors in the curriculum of all primary schools. LMC demonstrations support this and give students the opportunity to learn about how Northern Irish farmers produce food in line with the world’s leading standards in animal health, welfare and care for the environment. Students can also taste NIFQA beef and lamb, some for the first time. ”

Pictured are St. Joseph’s Elementary School students, Claude and Yunnan Clark, with (LR) Sarah Toland, Consumer Education and Promotion Manager, Joe Kelly, 7 Elementary School Teacher, Hugh Min, Principal, David Brown, UFU Vice President, and Liz Brown, LMC Cooking Demonstrator. Culinary shows are waiting for the winners

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