Crystal Cruises is collapsing, leaving passengers in debt of more than $ 100 million

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Elite cruise line closes US offices and receives arrest warrant for $ 4.6 million in unpaid fuel bills

The elite cruise line Crystal Cruises was recently unexpectedly downed, borrowing more than $ 100 million from customers and travel agents. Those who have paid for the upcoming routes expect to get their money back, but it is unknown whether the company will be able to reimburse them all.

The Crystal Serenity cruise is docked

Last week Crystal Cruises announced the closure of its offices in Miami and 238 employers on shore were drawn up immediately after two of his ships – the Crystal Symphony and the Crystal Serenity – were seized by the Bahamas authorities to obtain warrants for $ 4.6 million in unpaid fuel bills related to the parent company Genting Hong Kong Ltd.

Just when The CDC has lowered the level of cruise warning and the industry seemed to be building up, the award-winning luxury cruise line was closing. “Unfortunately, this is the end of Crystal Cruises, and we do not know what will happen in the future,” said the captain of Crystal Symphony in a recording shared Crew Center on Twitter.

the crystal cruise is getting ready to depart

Will customers get their money back?

Former Crystal Cruise president Jack Anderson explained for Bloomberg that customers who have paid for future routes by credit card are more likely to receive a refund. Those who paid for cash or canceled itineraries in 2020 or 2021 and recalculated funds for new bookings may not get their money back.

a passenger descending the Crystal Serenity

The loan offered by the company is now worthless, according to Anderson, and travel agents who expected 10% to 16% commission on the packages sold should not expect to receive payment: “In the end, we got a zero bank account.” .

It is estimated that 75% to 80% of passengers pay by credit card, so most customers who used Visa, Mastercard or American Express will receive a refund. They should apply to credit card companies for compensation.

What happened to Crystal Cruises in 2022?

Visa and Mastercard credit cards

This year everything went very fast. An arrest warrant was issued in January Peninsula Petroleum Far East has sued Crystal Cruises and Star Cruises—Both belong to Genting Hong Kong— for $ 4.6 million in unpaid fuel bills.

After that, two Crystal Cruises ships went to the Bahamas: Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity. By the time authorities reached the ships, only crew members were on board, all passengers remained on Bimini Island.

Bahamas Cruise

Travelers expected to return to California on their luxury cruise, and instead found their luggage “dumped everywhere,” according to information shared Twitter user.

Also captured was Crystal Endeavor, another Crystal Cruises ship in Ushuaia, South America, immediately after the 19-day itinerary, and passengers disembarked as planned. The ship then headed to Montevideo, where authorities awaited its arrival. 80 crew members were repatriated but the other 120 remained on board and about 300-400 crew members remained on ships in the Bahamas.

Immediately after the incident on the ship Crystal Cruise stopped the operation in the US and released all employees. The cruise line was left by its parent company Genting Hong Kong Ltd, which has been helping Crystal Cruises since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, until they unexpectedly filed for completion a few weeks ago.

Jack Andersen said: “Genting HK actually washed his hands of Crystal when he applied for liquidation in Bermuda.” It came a few days after Genting Hong Kong announced a restructuring of the company, but assured in domestic affairs that Crystal Cruise would not be affected.

Information is still being accumulated, and more details will be clarified in the coming days. “What has happened minute by minute over the past two weeks may fill the book,” Andersen said in recent declarations, still annoyed.

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