Corsair Boeing 747 fuselage converted into keychains

Boeing 747 fans rejoice. As Boeing prepares to deliver its last 747, passenger options for the Jumbo Jet are becoming increasingly rare. Thanks to Aviationtag’s latest version, fans of the Queen of the Sky can now own a piece of one.

Aviateg is in the business of taking aircraft fuselage that would otherwise be thrown away and recycling it into a higher value product that can be sold to consumers. In this case, they repurposed the skin into a limited series of keychains and thus “saved” some somewhat unique aircraft.


Own part of an aging Corsair Boeing 747

The latest version of Aviationtag breathes new life into the former French Boeing 747-400 operated by Corsair. F-GTUI was 28 years old when it was retired in April 2020. Avaitiontag has created labels in a variety of colors, from plain white to every shade of blue Corsair livery.

Aviationtag created a series of 3,500 F-GTUI fuselage key fobs. Photo: Aviationtag

The company produced 3,500 tags from F-GTUI leather parts, each with its own serial number. Aviationtag sells the regular white tags for €24.95 ($25.54), while the blue tags retail for €27.95 ($28.61). Colored tags tend to be more in demand as they carry a bit more character than a plain white tag. In February a Boeing 747 Eva Air tag with the letter E painted on it sold at auction for €1,710 ($1,750), attracting 82 bids.

About F-GTUI

According to ch-aviation.com, the F-GTUI was initially ordered United Airlines back in October 1990. The first flight of the aircraft took place on August 6, 1992, and 22 days later it was delivered to the USA as N186UA. United operated the aircraft until 2005, when it was taken over by Corsair.

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At the time of decommissioning, the aircraft completed 13,053 flight cycles, which amounted to 100,262 hours (11.44 years) of flying time. United Airlines logged 5,312 flight cycles and 43,636 hours, while Corsair accounted for the remaining 7,554 cycles and 54,802 hours.

F-GTUI was the last Boeing 747 to be retired from the Corsair fleet. The planes were supposed to be decommissioned in 2021, but like many other operators, Corsair pushed that date back due to the pandemic. The last aircraft arrival was from Pointe a Pietro in Guadeloupe on March 25, 2020.

Final flight

June 15, 2020 the plane took off for the last time with the flight number SS747. The aircraft departed Paris at 1:42 p.m., completing a touch-and-go before flying north to Kemble, his final resting place. Kemble is known for filming a number of decommissioned aircraft, including decommissioned Boeing 747s from KLM, Saudi Arabiaand British Airways.

What do you think of the latest version of Aviationtag? Do you have any Boeing 747 parts? Let us know in the comments below!

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