Collins Aerospace wins IMU navigation contract

Collins Aerospace was awarded a multi-million pound contract to support the UK government’s Weapons Sector Research Framework (WSRF).

The structure is managed by the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) of the UK Ministry of Defence.

It was designed to accelerate the development of future weapons technology by conducting scientific and technical research on weapons.

As part of the latest multi-year award, Collins Aerospace will work alongside Dstl to develop an inertial measurement unit (IMU) to support new complex weapons platforms.

This tactical or Class A inertial sensor will be developed using micro-electromechanical systems technology.

Collins Aerospace IMU Value Stream Leader Stuart Cooper said: “The complex weapons of the future require a higher class of IMU navigation capabilities that can withstand harsher environments.

“Over our 100-year history of developing inertial systems, Collins has delivered hundreds of thousands of IMUs for both the military and commercial markets.

“Our future multi-year relationship with Dstl will provide enhanced capabilities for our users around the world.”

The company will carry out the relevant work at its engineering and manufacturing facility in Plymouth, UK.

Collins Aerospace’s advanced technology group in Bristol will also support the IMU development work.

According to Collins, the IMU technology provides navigation and guidance for a variety of multi-domain platforms.

This will provide the desired performance of the platform at a comparatively lower cost.

The new inertial sensor also has a smaller form factor than existing fiber optic gyroscopes and ring laser gyroscopes.

In 2020, a British company QinetiQ was elected a the main contractor for the WSRF initiative.

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