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Harry S. Truman’s aircraft carrier strike group in the Atlantic Ocean, April 7, 2019 (File)

WEST 2022: Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Michael Gildai today offered to look at the specific composition of ships that he believes should make up the future Navy fleet, just a few months before a new budget request and force structure assessment is due .

The figures, he said, are based on a service estimate for 2020 called the FSA. However, this FSA was completed under the previous administration and eventually signed by political appointees who have since left, including then-Defense Minister Mark Esper, who was a clear supporter of increasing shipbuilding. The Pentagon leadership under the Biden administration has been more muted on the issue, giving little signal as to whether the FSA remains relevant.

Without a detailed, up-to-date long-term shipbuilding plan – something the Pentagon has promised in the next budget cycle – the admiral’s remarks provided as a budget for 2023 financial is nearing completionare noticeable

“I have come to the conclusion, according to the analysis, that we need a combat-ready force of more than 500 ships,” the Admiral told the West 2022 conference in San Diego. “And my view of aircraft carriers remains the same.”

Guilday means he wants to see 12 aircraft carriers. As for the landing craft, he said the Navy needed nine large deck landing craft and somewhere between 20 and 30 smaller ships, presumably referring to a light Marine warship to support them.

“60 destroyers and probably 50 frigates, 70 strike submarines and a dozen submarines with ballistic missiles,” Gildai continued. “About 100 support ships and probably looking into the future, 150 drones.”

The figures proposed by Gildai are relatively close to those made under the Trump administration and called by Esper “Battle Force 2045”. Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the West in 2022, he said that the Navy is in the middle of assessing the new force structure, which will inform the budget for 24 f.g.

How and when the Pentagon decided to discuss this new assessment is an open question. But given the deadlines proposed by Gilda, the Navy’s FSA is due to be completed soon, as the military budget cycle requires services to start drafting their budgets for £ 24. in the coming weeks. In addition, the administration is also preparing to publish a new national defense strategy in the coming months.

Asked by reporters whether the next FSA would change the figures he proposed, Gildai said he did not think they were declining, noting that in recent years assessments of the forces conducted by the service almost always point to the Navy’s need for more than ship 355. minimally deadlocked by the Trump administration.

While the CNO’s public call to create a force of this size is a start, the real question will be whether the Navy is able to fight Congress to provide the necessary fundsthat the service can hardly do even with the White House, friendly to a larger shipbuilding budget.

«This will require a significant expansion of our shipbuilding industry base and our repair capacity, ”they said. Matthew Colette, Professor of Naval Architecture, University of Michigan. “It won’t be cheap.” CNO plans the future fleet he wants: 500 ships, 12 carriers, 150 drones – Breaking Defense Breaking Defense

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