Chobani donates $ 1 million to the largest research dairy factory in the country

Yogurt maker Chobani donates $ 1 million to the Center for Agriculture, Food and Environment (CAFE), run by the University of Idaho, to help fund the construction of the country’s largest dairy research center and advanced scientific research center – one that aims to ensure sustainable development. future for the US dairy industry.

Chobani has a long history of giving back to farmers and working to support the dairy industry. scholarship programs to charitable aromas of its products. In this latest effort, Idaho CAFE will conduct research and provide education that will support a sustainable future not only for Idaho dairies, but also for its livestock operations, crop production and food processing industries. The center will link research, education and outreach in a public-private partnership to support the state of Idaho, create jobs and support economic progress.

Located in the Magic Valley of Idaho, Idaho CAFE spans three counties, with a 2,000-cow research farm and a 640-acre demonstration farm in Rupert, a public information and education center in Jerome, and collaborative efforts in science. developed in partnership with the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls.

As the third largest dairy producer in the nation, the Idaho dairy industry plays a critical role in the health of the state’s economy. But efficient agricultural production, which also protects Idaho’s natural resources and environment, requires research-based information to succeed.

“Sustainability is part of Chobani’s structure. We take care of our people and our animals, we conserve our resources, we give back what we take – this is how we work and this is how dairy farmers work, ”said Hamdi Ulukaya, founder and CEO of Chobani. “As more people – consumers, investors and regulators – focus on sustainability, the dairy industry needs to be part of the conversation. The dairy industry has a deep history of commitment and leadership in sustainability, which must be respected. That’s why the University of Idaho’s leadership in establishing this comprehensive and innovative CAFE project is so important, and why we are so proud to support it. ”

The dairy will be operated as a commercial farm and will host a variety of ongoing research experiments, led by professors and U of I staff. Milk production is designed to represent an average milk production in southern Idaho, so the on-site research will be immediately applicable to dairy farms in Idaho and the entire region. The western United States is a much different region for dairy production than the Midwest or Northeast, both of which are already served by research milk factories.

U of I will begin the first phase of construction of the $ 22.5 million research dairy plant in June, which includes facilities to house milking and nutrient management operations. Plans call for the completion of the first phase of construction in 2023, when U of I will begin milking cows at the Rupert site.

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