Chemistry in Images: Wired for Science

“Is this a happy caterpillar? Cheerful orange eel? No way! It is a 0.9 mm wide iron wire immersed in a drop of copper (II) sulphate solution on a glass slide, ”wrote James Maynard, a lecturer in the X-ray Crystallography Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin’s University of Madison. For this demonstration, Maynard placed 0.1 M CuSO4 solution on a glass slide and then place the end of the iron wire in a drop. After about 15 minutes the wire turned into the brown-orange powder you see here. “It’s a great look at the redox process from an interesting perspective that should introduce students to science, microscopy, and chemistry,” Maynard explains.

Presented by James Maynard Chemistry in Images: Wired for Science

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