CDC removes Level 4 travel recommendations to “avoid all cruises”

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CDC officially lowered the warning level for cruises, in a step that is sure to be a desirable relief for both the tired cruise industry and cruise enthusiasts. The decision to lower the warning level came days after the CDC updated its additional guidelines for the cruise industry, and this is the first easing of the warning level for the industry after the Omicron option spread caused chaos in the travel industry worldwide.

As the cruise industry quickly returns to normal, the CDC announcement is sure to boost travelers ’confidence in the industry and increase the number of travelers booking cruises. Here’s a look at the ad from the CDC as it was received, as well as a selection of other important news that have come out of the cruise industry in recent weeks.

Travel warning lowered – information for travelers

Ever since the Omicron variant began to hit headlines around the world due to high transfer speeds, the travel industry has suffered as a result. The impact was felt by the cruise industry when, already with difficulty after cruises were forced to stay in dock for long periods during a pandemic, it was handed a Level 4 Health Report The CDC, which advises travelers not to go on cruises.

However, yesterday the CDC lowered the cruise warning to level 3. At this level of warning, the CDC advises not to travel on a cruise only to those who are not fully vaccinated against Covid-19, or to those who are at increased risk of serious illness. Winning the cruise industry, it is sure to boost confidence in cruises among travelers after weeks of bad press and negative stories.

Although this is positive news for the industry, the CDC is still talking about the situation. Announcing the decision, they said: “Cruise ship travel is not a zero-risk activity. The virus that causes COVID-19 is easily spread among people in close quarters aboard ships, and the likelihood of contracting COVID-19 on cruise ships is high, even if you are aware of your COVID-19 vaccines. ” Due to the fact that most cruises have a 100% vaccination policy and strict testing requirements, many travelers will consider the risk worth taking.

The decision to update the alert level coincides with recent changes to cruise entry restrictions published by some of the industry’s biggest names. Both Norwegian and Royal Caribbean recently updated its policy regarding wearing masks on board cruises, citing high levels of vaccination on board as one of the reasons that makes cruises a much more attractive offer for travelers.

The update, published by the CDC, was well received by the International Cruise Line Association (CLIA), which said:

“The decision of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to reduce the threat of travel to cruise ships is a step in the right direction and recognizes the leadership and effectiveness of unrivaled cruise health and safety protocols. virtually any other commercial setting. “

CLIA further added how the industry was well prepared in case of any problems related to Covid-19.

“Cruise ships have on-site medical, isolation and quarantine facilities, are implementing extensive response plans using private coastal resources and have created an environment where almost everyone is fully vaccinated. As a result, the cases of COVID-19 are very low, and the vast majority proceed easily or asymptomatically, making the cruise unsurpassed in its multi-layered approach to effective mitigation of COVID-19.

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