Cayman Islands Cancel all tests upon arrival for vaccinated Americans

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Joining Fr. expands the list of destinations in the Caribbean mitigating entry requirements vaccinated American tourists, Cayman Islands now raised it strict mode of testing upon arrival. The measure seen by Fr. the main obstacle to travelmeant that all arrivals had to be examined before departure and then again on the 2nd, 5th and 7th days of their holiday.

A British Overseas TerritoryThe Cayman Islands include 3 islands in the Western Caribbean. The biggest of them, The Great Caymanis famous sunny break among Americans. With beach resorts located on the coast, countless places for scuba diving and scuba diving, and simplified restrictions on entry to Covidfinally one could see tourists returning en masse.

Happy friends jump into the sea during a beach holiday

Traveling to the Cayman Islands has become much easier for the vaccinated

As a result coronavirus cases are falling consistently over the past few weeks, indicating The wave of Amicron could reach its peak on the islands the Cayman Islands government decided definitively cancellation of testing on the island for the vaccinated. By February 18, all those arriving in the Cayman Islands were required to present a negative test for antigen or PCR, as well as undergo further tests for antigen on days 2, 5 and 7 their stay.

Welcome to the Cayman Islands. Enter the Cayman Islands

Now, the latter is no longer needed. While pre-departure testing is still required, a necessity additional testing was removed for «safely tested travelers«. In other words, those who were vaccinated against Covid and are able confirm your vaccination status border authorities on arrival in the Cayman Islands can expect to bypass the mandate for testing on the island.

In addition, vaccinated tourists arriving directly in the territory of the Caymans through the point of entry into the Grand Cayman no longer need to be tested when visiting Cayman Marriage and Little Cayman, two other islands in the territory. Updated guidelines bring the Cayman Islands in line with 3 other Caribbean fashion trends who began to lift restrictions for foreign travelers.

Scuba diving, which plays with stingrays in the Cayman Islands

In summaryVisitors will now need to present the following at any point of entry:

Tourists photographing the streets of Georgetown, Cayman Islands

From February 28, travelers will also be able to take a molecular testfor example, RT-PCR, within 72 hours of their flighthowever yet on the one-day testing window is still valid. In the event of inability to reach the Cayman Islands directly, passengers on connecting flights must confirm that their transfer does not exceed twelve hours.

At this time, unvaccinated visitors are not allowed to travel to the Cayman Islandsif they don’t have “close ties” to the island, such as families living there. In this case, they are expected isolate for a whole week once arrived. For more information on quarantine requirements in the Cayman Islands, unvaccinated Americans who are allowed to visit must be referred to this page.

Georgetown Grand Cayman Island

In addition, those who arrived from countries and territories with vaccination rates below 60% for the first dose too requires quarantine for 7 days, regardless of vaccination status. Countries like United States, Canadaand United Kingdom all have vaccination rates above 60%, that is citizens of these countries arriving directly from them did not affect.

Reducing travel rules brings Cayman Islands in line with official WHO recommendation

A traveler with a backpack to Ariport

While the Caribbean as a whole meets Omicron, national governments have focused their efforts on promoting their countries as safe, easily accessibleand directions without bureaucracy. Although PCR testing and evidence of vaccination are still required for Americans traveling to the Cayman Islands, easing the testing regime upon arrival is definitely a positive sign and a sign that a popular Caribbean vacation maybe following the WHO advice.

Recently WHO (World Health Organization) called on countries to ease travel rulesespecially those concerning the testing requirements that set “financial burden”About travelers. Although the Cayman Islands’ decision to simplify border measures follows from Fr. a more favorable epidemiological scenarioone way or another it still complies with WHO recommendations.

Airplane window overlooking the beach below

Ever since the pandemic first began, the Cayman Islands administration has not hesitated to impose it severe restrictions on public life to protect 66,000+ residents, including curfew more complex for local tourism sector to recover. Most of these restrictions have now disappeared, and visitors may have a almost a common experience when visiting.

On the other hand, a a ban on mooring cruise ships on the island stays in pace as well restrictions on public gatherings. This limit has increased to 500 people indoors and 1,000 people outdoors, that is large-scale events may return. International flights have also resumed most categories of foreign travelers can now visit the Cayman Islandsincluding Americans and Canadianswhile they meet the requirements went to the border.

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