CASA confirms that the PIA did not apply for a flight to Australia

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA) has confirmed that the reports of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), which applied for a certificate from a local airline to operate passenger flights to Sydney, are incorrect. Pakistani media reports say the airline has requested a CASA operator certificate. However, the agency says that no such statements have been received.

PIA flights to Sydney until April?

According to numerous reports from Pakistan, the application was in and the PIA wanted to start Boeing 777 flights to Sydney from Lahore and Karachi until the end of March / beginning of April are ambitious dates for even the most popular airlines.

No airline operates regular passenger flights between Pakistan and Australia, even before the decline in travel. There are about 100,000 Australian-born Australians, and today travelers moving between the two countries move to ports such as Singapore, Doha or Dubai. However, there is a significant Pakistani diaspora in Australia, and reports citing the PIA state that the business rationale for flights to Australia is evolving.

But the PIA takes shape when it comes to one representative who speaks only for another airline representative to shortly thereafter contradict the comment. PIA observers would see this in action the fall of Kabul and periodic comments on flights to Afghanistan during this period.

“Civil Aviation Security Administration has not received an application from Pakistan International Airlines for permission to start flights to Australia This was reported by the agency in response to a request from Simple Flying.

Even if the PIA had applied for a flight to Australia, CASA is very serious about aviation safety, and recent PIA bans in the EU and the US would not have helped the airline’s case.


It is reported that Pakistan International Airlines has requested permission from the Australian CASA to operate in Sydney. Photo: Getty Images

PIA problems in Europe and the US can hinder any Australian flight

In July 2020, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) banned PIA flights to the EU. At the same time, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has lowered Pakistan to safety category 2, banning Pakistani carriers from flying to the United States. The UK CAA soon followed suit.

The bans stemmed from an investigation into the deadly PIA crashes, which found that many pilots worked for the airline using fake licenses. A statement from Pakistani Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan at the time said that as many as 40% of Pakistani pilots had potentially “questionable” licenses.


Source: gcmap.com

Although CASA evaluates any application on its merits, the agency is unlikely to want to give a green signal to any airline that is on the nose with European and US authorities. What could potentially help the PIA is recent ICAO Security Audit which found that the airline had resolved the issues raised at the beginning of the audit. Passing the audit should help pave the way for the PIA to return to the European and American skies. But already the EU has put a kibosh on it, saying they are still seriously concerned about the PIA

Meanwhile, if you want a PIA flight number on your ticket to Sydney or Melbourne, Etihad has a code-sharing agreement with PIA under which PIA flight numbers are tied to Etihad’s services to Australia. It could be as close to regular flights to Australia as the PIA gets in the foreseeable future.

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