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A group of nine seed potato growers from all over Scotland together with technical support are creating a new organization to support and develop the seed potato sector, reports news release.

Mike Wilson, a manufacturer from Aberdeenshire, explained why. “After AHDB, we realized that we needed an organization run by seed producers for the benefit of seed producers to provide directly relevant activities with value for money.”

A new seed potato organization (SPO) is starting to take shape. Growers have compiled a prospectus with all the details and this summer want to talk to other seed growers.

“We have a good idea of ​​how we want this organization to govern and what we want it to do. We need to find out if other manufacturers agree and if they want to sign up, ”said Peter Shiles, a manufacturer from Borders.

SPO has created a website at with details of the manufacturers in the steering committee, an overview of the organization and the prospectus.

To find out what the manufacturers think, SPO conducted a survey. Science and Advice for Agriculture of Scotland (SASA) has kindly agreed to distribute it to all registered seed potato growers as they welcome this initiative under the guidance of growers.

Colum McIver, a manufacturer from the Black Island, wants as many manufacturers as possible to complete it. “We need people to fill out this survey. We need to find out how many people are likely to join and what their priorities are. We do not want to go full speed and create a new organization without first listening to the manufacturers. “

If you grow seed potatoes, follow the survey and come to the meeting of growers. They will be held July 5 at the Red House Hotel in Coupar Angus at 6:30 p.m. and July 6 at the Woodside Farm Shop near Kinlos at 6:30 p.m.

A broader industry meeting will also take place on August 11 at 10 a.m. in a seminar tent at “Potatoes in Practice”.

Manufacturers can register interest in the SPO through a survey, at these meetings and on the SPO website.

Jim Cargill, a manufacturer from Aberdeenshire, wants other manufacturers to get involved. “Now is the time for seed potato growers to set the agenda: join the SPO and help it shape the development of the seed potato sector.”

Source: News release issued by NFUScotland on behalf of SPO British seed potato growers are urged to join a new organization to support and develop the sector – Potato News Today

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