Britain will double its troops in Estonia amid the Ukrainian crisis

Britain is going to send additional troops to Estonia amid fears that the build-up of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine could provoke a wider conflict in Europe.

The move comes at a time when British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace is in Brussels to discuss Ukraine’s crisis with NATO allies.

According to the UK Department of Defense statement, The UK will double the number of its staff in Estonia. He will also send additional military equipment to the country, such as tanks and armored combat vehicles.

The process of transferring troops and equipment to Estonia has already begun.

The Royal Wales Battle Group is expected to begin arriving in Estonia within the next week from Sennelager, Germany, and its bases in the UK.

Apache helicopters will also be sent to participate in military exercises with allies and other partners in Eastern Europe.

The UK has also sent four additional Typhoon aircraft to Cyprus. These planes will soon begin air patrols with NATO allies in Eastern Europe.

An additional 1,000 British staff are on standby to support humanitarian targets if needed.

Secretary Wallace said: “Together with our NATO allies, we are deploying troops and assets on land, sea and air to strengthen European defense in response to the build-up of Russian military forces on Ukraine’s border.

“NATO and our allies were clear that the invasion of Ukraine would face dire consequences.

“The only way out of this situation is de-escalation and diplomacy.”

The Britain has also recently supplied Ukraine with military equipment including light, anti-armor and defensive weapons systems, among others.

A German contingent of 130 soldiers and 60 vehicles has reached Lithuania as part of a planned reinforcement of the NATO battle group.

Germany has also deployed Eurofighters at a military air base in eastern Romania as part of the deployment, according to Reuters.

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