Brisbane to host 2032 Olympics next month | World

Bids from neighboring cities in Brisbane and southeastern Queensland were led by IOC Vice-President John Coates, who oversaw the update of the bidding process at the invitation of Bach two years ago.

The rapid progress of the IOC as a clearly preferred option has cast doubt on possible conflicts of interest in the Coates. He is considered one of Bach’s closest allies and also directs the IOC’s oversight in preparation for the postponed Tokyo Olympics.

Bach quoted the IOC’s “strict rules” that were being monitored by ethics and compliance authorities.

Nonetheless, Brisbane’s swift elections this year blinded officials from countries such as Germany, Hungary, Indonesia and Qatar, who were discussing bid formation with Olympic officials.

Bach suggested that the dialogue would continue with a “pool of stakeholders” to host the Olympic Games in 2036 or 2040.

“The future of the Olympics looks bright,” Bach said.

The 2024 Olympics will be held in Paris and the 2028 Olympics will be held in Los Angeles. Both cities are more stable than the troubled and often chaotic Rio organizations.

Australia last hosted the Olympic Games in 2000, when the Sydney Games became popular. Coates was deeply involved in bidding and organizing committees for these games. Brisbane to host 2032 Olympics next month | World

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