Breeze is boosting ties with new East Coast services

Breeze Airways continues its rapid growth after entering service last spring. This week, the airline opened new flights from Long Island MacArthur Airports and Palm Beach International Airport.

Regional opportunities

Breeze got off to a good start to his first year of work. It ended in 2021 with 330,000 passengers behind the belt. This momentum continues as a U.S. carrier recently showed its first routes Airbus A220. By the end of the year it intends to put into service 15 A220-300, and several new operations, which were opened this month, will eventually be performed with an efficient narrow hull.

To meet widespread demand in the bustling East Coast regions, Breeze is diversifying its network. On Thursday, he began four weekly round-trip flights between Islip, New York, and Norfolk, Virginia. It then introduces three weekly round-trip flights from Islip to Charleston, South Carolina. On May 5, the frequency will increase to four times a week.

Breeze Airways Embraer

Transportation between Islip and Norfolk will be on Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays and Mondays, and flights to Charleston will initially depart on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays before the schedule for Thursday to May is added. Photo: Breeze Airways

VIP on stage

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer joined Breeze to celebrate the inauguration from Islip to Charleston and Norfolk. In a statement, he shared as follows:

“Long Island MacArthur Airport is helping bring the region to a time of greater economic prosperity. As part of the bipartisan infrastructure package for 2021, I received more than $ 21.5 million for MacArthur Airport. Breeze Airways will increase convenient travel options for Long Islanders, and I congratulate Chief Angie Carpenter, Airport Commissioner Shelley LaRose-Arken and her team, County Executive Director Steve Bellon, Breeze Airways and my friend David Nillman with the new . It’s an important development for Islip, Suffolk County and the whole of Long Island. “

Islip Mayor Angie Carpenter added that nearly three million people living in Nassau and Suffolk consider MacArthur Airport to be their hometown airport. This way, they can take advantage of Breeze’s offerings to avoid the inconvenience that comes with busy big centers.

Further south

Breeze did not finish the inauguration this week. Today it adds six services only on Saturday from Palm Beach. From the South Florida website, passengers can now travel to the following cities:

  • Akron / Canton, Ohio
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Norfolk, Virginia
  • Richmond, Virginia

By the end of the year, the A220 will be the focus for Breeze. Photo: Breeze Airways

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With extensive experience in developing route networks in North and South America after his previous ventures, Breeze Chairman and CEO David Nielman shared his enthusiasm for offering new links on routes where passengers previously had to connect. With large populations in South Florida and the New York area, these communities value simpler connections.

The airline now operates 42 routes after the new additions. This was previously emphasized by the carrier’s management he flies where others do not. So, amid growing demand in several regions of the United States that are not serviced, we can expect that there will be many more launches. Mission from 70 aircraft in 70 cities the next three years looks like an achievable goal for the operator.

What do you think of the new Breeze inaugurations on the East Coast? Do you want to fly with the airline on new services soon? Let us know what you think of the common initiatives in the comments section.

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