Brazil’s 180 ° Seguros Raises $ 8 Million in Seed Round

  • This investment provides the support that insurance startups need to drive their strategy to integrate insurance as a service business model.
  • Founded last year, 180 ° works with B2B2C models.

180 ° Seguro, BrazilNew insurance and support start up Challenger announced that it has raised $ 8 million in seed rounds Canary, Dragoneer,and rainfall Funds. This is the largest round ever recorded for a start-up in the insurance sector. Brazil And Latin AmericaAccording to venture capital firm data collected by 180 ° Seguros, it says.

Investment provides the support needed for insurance start up In addition to a leading in-house team, we focus on product development and customer experience to support insurance integration strategies as a service business model.

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The company does not disclose its rating. “We want to focus not only on brand value, but also on facilitating the delivery of service channels that are part of the insurance consumer’s journey and helping to change the way insurance is consumed. .. Brazil“The 180 ° CEO and co-founder said. Maurore Vidan Kona, The former Nubank Executive, LABS..

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Founded last year, 180 ° operates on a B2B2C model, providing a solution that allows businesses to sell insurance and support products digitally. Using a unique methodology, 180 ° explores each distribution channel and identifies opportunities to sell insurance to end users, so-called embedded insurance.

With new funding, 180 ° implements plans to develop new insurance solutions. “Since we are starting from scratch, there is still a lot to be achieved, especially given the low insurance coverage of Brazilians, less than 5%. For this purpose, we have a 180 ° Seguros team. Has 25 professionals on its team and has experience in large start-ups and companies in the financial and insurance sectors. Google, Banco Santander, Nubank, SumUp“The CEO says.

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D’Ancona plans to reach 50 members of the team by the end of the year to serve its current customers and expected organic growth. 180 ° today has more than 20 clients from sectors such as real estate, finance, benefits and retailers, including integrated and publicly traded companies, start-ups and unicorns.

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