Boeing conducts 737 MAX 10 taxi test

Boeing is conducting a final taxi test on the first 737 MAX 10 aircraft. The Eagle Eyed Plain Spotter spies on the MAX 10 and prepares for the rumored first flight at Renton at any time. MAX 10 is the fourth version of the MAX family. To date, 20 customers have ordered 550 MAX10s.

Boeing is preparing for its first flight with a MAX10 taxi flight.Photo: Boeing

High-speed MAX10 taxi test conducted this week

A video posted on Twitter by Katie Bailey shows that the N27751 is moving around with taxing and performing high-speed taxing tests. The first flight of the MAX 10 is scheduled for a few weeks. Now, Renton’s informed plane spotter says the first flight is imminent. The taxi test is the final ground assessment before the plane flies.

The MAX 10 was first launched at the Paris Air Show in 2017. Boeing received 240 orders from 10 customers at launch. The largest of the four MAX variants Boeing offers, MAX 10 It can fly 3,800 miles (6,110 km) and carry up to 230 passengers (depending on cabin configuration).

First delivery of 737 MAX 10 delayed by 3 years

The MAX 10 uses the same CFM International LEAP-1B engine as the other MAX variants and has the same wingspan. However, the MAX 10 has a longer fuselage than the other three variations. The MAX 10 is 8 meters longer than the smallest variant, the MAX 7.

“Airlines wanted bigger and better options in the larger single-aisle segment with the operational benefits of the 737 MAX family.” Boeing said when it launched the MAX10.

“With the addition of the 737 MAX 10, customers will be the most flexible on the market and will be able to offer them the range, fuel efficiency and outstanding reliability that are widely known in the 737 MAX family.”

Boeing couldn’t ride easily with the MAX program. MAX10 is no exception. Delivery of the MAX 10 was originally planned to begin in 2020. It’s 2021 and the MAX10 isn’t heading into the sky yet.Boeing earlier this year Postponed delivery It represents a three-year gap until 2023.

“This schedule reflects a number of factors, including an up-to-date assessment of global certification requirements notified through ongoing discussions with regulators and management’s decision to make changes to the aircraft design.” Boeing said in a SEC filing earlier this year.

MAX10 launch customer looking for more orders

United Airlines, which is already flying MAX9, has ordered 100 MAX10s. Chicago-based airlines are lined up as launch customers. United is also waiting for MAX8 bulk orders to begin to arrive. Despite the delay, United is shaping itself as a big fan of MAX.Rumors are swirling United Airlines Preliminary discussions with Boeing on another large MAX order.

In 2017, United signed a contract with Boeing to convert some of its existing MAX9 orders to MAX10. At that time, United said it would begin delivery in 2020.

“With superior fuel efficiency and extended range, the 737 MAX9 and MAX10 aircraft will improve the performance and functionality of United’s existing 737 fleet.” United Airlines at the time said.

“The MAX10 gives United more flexibility in its route schedule, offering the best economics of any single-aisle segment aircraft.”

Despite delays and issues with the broader MAX program, United’s rumored new MAX orders show confidence in the plane. The imminent first flight of the MAX 10 will further strengthen its confidence in United and other client airlines.

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