Boeing 747-400 ERF joins the fleet of National Airlines

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National airlines announced that he had received his first Boeing 747-400ERF (Extended Range Cargo Aircraft). New cargo ship registered N663CA offers a more economical option for super distant cargo operations. The plane has a lifting nose and a large side door that allows you to carry huge objects. The plane will help the National meet demand is growing for worldwide air freight.

Economy cargo ship

The aircraft can carry a maximum gross payload of 128 metric tons (282,000 lb). It can also carry objects much longer than other aircraft fleet. The nose door provides the airline with this newly acquired capability. A cargo ship is also well suited for transporting refrigerated materials. Its design allows cargo compartment temperature to be maintained for more efficient transport of pharmaceuticals and perishable products such as meat and other cold products.


Christopher Alf, chairman of National Air Cargo Holdings, Inc., shared the company’s excitement about the new aircraft. He also shared how the new aircraft will help the airline achieve its expansion goals. Alf stated

“The introduction of the B747-400 ERF aircraft is part of our broader vision to modernize our fleet and expand our service offerings to our customers. Our main focus is not only on the rapid expansion of the fleet, but also on offering more new and innovative solutions for air travel. post-COVID global market to meet growing demand for specialized cargo,”

Flexible network

This new aircraft will play an important role in the development of the airline’s network. Its additional capabilities will allow it to carry a wider range of cargo. The airline plans to add more aircraft to its fleet over the next few months. It currently serves more than 200 destinations worldwide. In addition to cargo transportation, the airline also provides charter transportation. However, its expansion plans depend primarily on the growth and development of the cargo sector.

National airlines are planning to expand their global air cargo network. Photo: National Airlines

The rise of the pandemic

Before the pandemic, the air cargo industry was growing slowly as international trade was strong and the e-commerce industry was growing steadily. When the pandemic began, international passenger air travel seemed to disappear from the fabric of existence. However, it was a different story for the cargo airlines. When the demand for passenger carriers increased sharply for cargo.

The world needed medical supplies and other basic necessities made mostly in foreign countries. The e-commerce industry exploded when people stopped visiting in-person stores and instead chose to shop online. National airlines continued to operate throughout the pandemic, delivering medicine to places in need and transporting whatever was required.

Unfortunately for airlines, many travel restrictions have affected operations. While most air travel and airport regulations have not affected them directly, international border closures and quarantines have. However, freight carriers have resumed most of their operations throughout the pandemic. As we enter a new era, consumers have become increasingly accustomed to e-commerce, and the high level of demand has not yet abated. National is looking to capitalize on this with a new aircraft it intends to bring into service soon.

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https://simpleflying.com/boeing-747-400-erf-national-airlines-fleet/ Boeing 747-400 ERF joins the fleet of National Airlines

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