Best Air Purifiers for 2021: Do Air Purifiers Work? Can They Remove Viruses? Which Is The Best In The UK?

<p>Although air purifiers do not remove all traces of the virus, it is reasonable to assume that a high quality HEPA filter will reliably remove much of the virus.  </p>
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Although air purifiers do not remove all traces of the virus, it is reasonable to assume that a high quality HEPA filter will reliably remove much of the virus.

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Whether it’s the only reason it’s scattered on the model is up to the individual, but air purifiers keep dust particles, smoke, pet dandruff, pollen, bacteria, mold, skin cells, and other fine particles in the home environment. Excellent for removing from. The model here does it automatically without any intervention.

How the air purifier works

The air purifier draws air from the room through a perforated outer shell and pushes it into a series of air filters. In most cases, the filter combination consists of three separate units.

The first filter is usually an outer nylon mesh that catches large particles of pet hair and dust. This filter should be cleaned regularly, if possible, with a handheld vacuum cleaner.

The second level of protection is a carbon filter, which usually consists of thousands of small black beads found in a collection of isolated honeycomb pods. This filter keeps the air fresh and needs to be replaced after a few months.

The last and most important filter is HEPA (High Efficiency Fine Particle Absorption Filter). This filter is made of special plastic or fiberglass. HEPA is the last line of defense to treat the smallest particles and this filter should also be replaced after approximately 6 months of use. Most decent models will also tell you when to replace the filter.

Is an air purifier effective for COVID-19?

COVID-19 is at the lower end of the HEPA filter range, so a single pass is not 100% effective. However, running a HEPA system for a period of time can remove most viruses by 99.94 to 99.97%. Prolonged exposure to UV light in an air purifier can neutralize some viruses, such as COVID-19.

The best models are equipped with particle sensors, some of which include simple app control, air quality notifications, and Wi-Fi connectivity for general statistics. The good thing about the sensor-equipped model is that it automatically reacts to the surrounding air.

Therefore, if there is cooking smoke or smoke nearby, the intake fan will automatically increase to maximum speed until the sensor recognizes it as normal again. At that point, the fans will return to a nearly silent cruise.

What do PM and AQI mean?

PM is an abbreviation for particulate matter, which is a value often found on the displays of air purifiers. Some models also display the Air Quality Index (AQI), which covers a variety of pollutants.

Most HEPA-equipped air purifiers capture more than 99% of the impurities in the air, and most air purifiers notify you when they are detected. From good) to red (bad).

Blue Air 3210

Blue Air 3210

Blueair is probably the class leader in home air purifiers. Philips nevertheless started producing models ahead of most competitors. Consisting of an outer fabric filter, a carbon filter, and a standard fine particle filter for the smallest particles such as pollen and dust, this model is said to clean a 17m² room every 12 minutes.

The Blueair 3210 is certainly one of the most elegantly designed models in this summary. That is, no type of decoration looks out of place. In fact, the fabric pre-filter cover is also available in five subtle shades to suit your furniture.

Importantly, this model is equipped with a particle sensor, which automatically detects poor air quality and reacts accordingly. There are also three manual air velocities.

Like most air purifiers, Blueair has a fan pointing up so it won’t cool you down. Nevertheless, for small and efficient air purification, it checks all suitable boxes.

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Dyson Purifier Cool

Dyson Purifier Cool

This meter-high Dyson is the most expensive model here, but it’s well-built, has a classy look, and is packed with the best air purification technology currently available.

This model is also a cooling fan because the air outlet is facing forward rather than upward like most models. This means it’s perfect for keeping you cool during the summer. However, with the tap of a button on the magnetic remote control, it switches to diffusion mode and the air is gently diverted backwards through a pair of outer side vents.

Purifier Cool’s suite of sensors automatically measures a wide range of air impurities and rotates the fan up and down as needed.

There is also a manual mode that provides 10 levels of fan speed, which is useful on hot days. Even more convenient, this model has excellent vibration capabilities that can be adjusted in steps from 45 ° to the frankly amazing 350 °. This is a wider range than most other fans on the market.

The front of Purifier Cool has a colorful circular LED display that highlights everything you need to know about the air quality of your room. A smooth Dyson Link app that displays useful data, including overall air quality (AQ) as well as subcategories such as specific substances (PM), VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and nitrogen dioxide from cooking. Works in conjunction with. vehicle. In other words, it’s very beneficial.

Sure, this elegant large room model isn’t cheap at all, but it’s one of the most efficient and feature-rich air purifiers on the market, and a very good cooling fan in the process. It’s also full-bore and much quieter than previous models and uses less power in the process.

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Philips 2000i series

Philips 2000i series

Optimal: Medium to large room

The Philips 2000i is ideal for medium to large rooms up to 79 m² and comes with three main automated programs: allergen mode, general mode, and boost airflow to “quickly reduce bacteria and viruses.” “. When you lie down in bed, select sleep mode so that you can’t hear the whisper.

Philips sensors constantly measure the level of particulate matter around the appliance and the relevant numbers are displayed on the top panel as PM2.5 readings (PM2.5 is a fine atmosphere less than 2.5 in diameter). Refers to the particulate matter inside). Micrometer, about 3% of the diameter of human hair).

Further air quality feedback is provided through the easy-to-read multicolor glow lamp on the front. Blue means good, bluish purple means normal, magenta means unhealthy, and red means dangerous. To test it, smoke was blown in that direction. When the light turned purple, the PM2.5 value increased significantly.

As with all air purifiers, the filters on this model need to be replaced every 6 months, depending on how they are used (both carbon and HEPA filters cost £ 90). Masu).

Nonetheless, Philips is a remarkable product given its overall efficiency, decent appearance and impressive feedback.

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Optimal: Ease of use and fun

This is a brand new model ready for pre-order in the UK and will ship in June.

Mira has already won a lot of positive reviews, and of course, it’s thoughtful, flooding users with real-time information about almost every bad air in the house, including the deadly ones. It’s because it’s an interesting style app that pushes the boundaries of design purely.

Mira’s Tech Body has a clear analysis of the social networking arena. That’s because the interface is full of hilarious words and smiley faces to dig deeper into the app and further analyze the air cleanliness of your home. Despite Dyson, this goes far beyond what other air purifiers offer.

Mila has seven different HEPA filters available to choose from for different scenarios, all of which are huge. For example, a basic breather filters 99.6% of bad air, but no carbon filter, but an overreactor with a Modified Granular Carbon filter is said to filter 99.995%.

There are also filters designed for mothers and pet owners who are about to give birth.

Mila has a fairly large footprint (30 cm x 30 cm in size and 40 cm in height), making it suitable for larger rooms. This is also an attractive design, with four bamboo legs attached to it to accentuate the style.

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Elecoms Air Purifier

Elecoms Air Purifier

If you have a limited budget, Elechomes is for you. This small model is suitable for rooms up to 25 m² and is a four-stage filtration system consisting of a pre-filter for removing pet hair and fibers, a cloth filter for large particles, and an activated carbon filter for removing cooking odors and smoke. Is attached. And the H13 True HEPA filter, which is said to remove “99.97% of particles in the air as small as 0.3 micron”.

The Elechomes smart particle sensor, on the other hand, constantly monitors the environment, activates fans as needed, and displays green, amber, and red lights at the top of the unit to let you know if the situation is good or bad. There is also a manual mode that allows you to set the fan speed in 3 steps.

The model has a power rating of only 28W, so using it all day does not significantly increase your annual lean bill. And when it’s time to visit the nodding country, just put it into sleep mode and the little light from the indicator lamp will make a tick all night long.

This small room air purifier offers a lot of technology at a very low price. It is easy to use, can effectively remove most air impurities, and looks beautiful.

We recommend that you purchase an additional air filter (£ 19.99) at the same time in case it is difficult to find in the future.

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