Benefits of Google’s updated Search Ads 360

Google recently announced new Search Ads 360 interface with improved features. Search Ads 360 is a corporate-level component of the Google Marketing Platform. This is an enhanced version of Google Ads, best for advertisers who benefit from advanced bidding and automation.

SA360 advertisers must have an active Google Ads account. Optimizations are performed on any platform, as accounts are synced daily. The SA360 allows you to use advanced features such as budget management and inventory management. The first allows advertisers to create budget groups for subsets of companies. The latter streamlines the composition of text ads for potentially thousands of products.

Google says the new interface will be available to all advertisers by the end of March 2022. Various new features and tools will be launched during the year, according to Google.

Benefits of Search Ads 360

The SA360 works best for advertisers with a lot of conversion data that requires advanced solutions. The SA360 is not free, unlike access to Google Ads. (Refer to the Google Marketing Platform to get a price.)

There are many reasons to use the SA360. The top three, in my experience, are:

  • Easier channel management. The SA360 can integrate Google Ads and Microsoft Ads accounts, among other things, into the platform.
  • Floodlight activities. Advertisers can create spotlight tags (Google conversion tracking system) to track user activity and optimize bids accordingly. For example, an activity group for a computer reseller may be all consumers who (i) search Google, (ii) collect a user device on the reseller’s website, and (iii) request an offer for that device.

What is changing?

The current Search Ads 360 interface is awkward. For example, running a search query report involves more steps than the standard Google Ads interface. What’s more, the SA360 includes fewer Google Ads features (such as editing various ad extensions) and doesn’t feature Microsoft’s adaptive search advertising. The new version eliminates many of these glitches.

But the main change is the consistency with the Google Ads interface. The SA360 now follows the same design and capabilities.

I can’t underestimate the importance of the new SA360. It took a long time to learn the previous version because it was different from Google Ads. A simple task, such as adding a keyword, was unique to the SA360. I had to develop workarounds to show specific data and run reports. Being the same as Google Ads is likely to encourage more advertisers to switch.

The SA360 will be included soon Performance Max and Discovery. Google is in favor of both expanding inventory and automation. The SA360 does not currently feature Performance Max and does not manage Discovery.

The new SA360 will include enhanced support for companies in other search engines. Microsoft Ads is great, but others include Baidu, Yahoo Japan and Yahoo’s native advertising. The result is optimized management for advertisers who can control multiple platforms in a single view. This involves using the same spotlights on different platforms for specific betting strategies. It’s worth a try.

Search Ads 360 will include a new look and features such as managing advertising campaigns on Microsoft, Yahoo Japan and other platforms. Image: Google.

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