Belgium simplifies entry rules for vaccinated travelers

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From 18 February, vaccinated visitors will not be required to take the COVID test to visit Belgium.

Belgian authorities recently announced that Covid’s measures to enter their country will no longer depend on nationality and they abolished mandatory COVID tests for vaccinated travelers.

From February 18, strict rules of Belgium will be repealed, which will allow more tourists to visit the European country. This decision was explained by the Federal Minister of Health Frank Vandenbrucke, who stressed the benefits for major tourists who are not members of the European Union: “This is important for people coming from the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan.”

However, unvaccinated travelers will not be allowed to visit, and those who have to travel for special reasons will need to take a Covid test. Visitors who prefer a rapid antigen test will need to take it within 24 hours of arrival.

A woman in a mask at the train station

Vaccinated travelers must also present a certificate of vaccination, and the first doses must be received within the last 270 days, no more than 9 months. For those who already have the vaccine, there is no time limit and you can visit it at any time – as long as there are relaxed measures.

Belgian beer in Bruges, Belgium

Entry criteria will be no focus on nationality or on individual countries that have previously allowed entry for tourism as it was before, they will implement a more simplified and individualistic strategy of evaluating visitors.

Belgium The former Color color The system

Before going to Belgium, travelers should read the recommendations of their countries, for example US Government, Belgium Travel Advisory– and understand the color code systems and rules of the Belgian government.

View from Rozenhoedkaai in Bruges, Belgium

Earlier in Belgium was Fr. Color code system for foreign countries based on epidemiological risk, where green was low risk, orange was moderate, and red was high risk. The United States and Canada were assigned to the latter color, and travelers from those countries were required to show a vaccination certificate, test for Covid and accept the verdict of the airport authorities upon arrival.

Now Belgium will not consider the original color code of the passenger region, but will accept individual consideration with relaxed rules at the airport.

Coronavirus barometer

Belgium now has its own internal color system called “Coronavirus barometer”And this affects the internal rules relatively public events, group activitiesand hospitality industry.

Masked passengers passing at Montparnasse train station in Paris, France

Restrictions may vary, but these are the main important considerations for travelers:

  • Code Red: My toughest rules. Covid face masks and safety tickets are required in public indoors. Restaurants and bars must comply with the closing time – usually before 1 am – and a limit of 6 people per table. Parties and dance clubs are prohibited.
  • Orange code: Masks are encouraged when meeting other people in public places, but are not mandatory for visitors or customers in restaurants and bars, and there are no restrictions on closing times. There is a capacity limit for large groups and events, but discos and nightclubs may open.
  • Yellow code: Masks are only recommended for individuals with vulnerable medical capabilities, a Covid Safe ticket is required, and there are no closing times or quantity restrictions.

Today Belgium is still under the red code, but on 18 February the barometer will switch to orange. The great news for travelers is that the nightlife will return very soon and vaccinated tourists will be able to enjoy Brussels‘s – or any other city – nightlife and popular daytime activities without any prior restrictions.

Relaxing Covid’s national rules will also open up more cultural opportunities and local productivity and tourism improvements. Travelers visiting Europe can add Belgium to their destinations and take advantage of the ease of restrictions.

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