BBC Watchdog exhibits on Etsy mass-produced goods

It is difficult to see whether sellers should encourage or ridicule the exposure of Etsy by the British television company BBC. The new segment of BBC Watchdog reports the availability of mass-produced goods disguised as handicrafts – with a significant markup.

A BBC consumer reporter began his article with an interview with a buyer who bought handmade goods on Etsy. But the buyer found that the item was taken from a retailer and was presented on Etsy at a price three times. “I felt a little like a mug,” she said, feeling cheated to overpay for goods on Etsy.

While sellers who follow the site’s policies want Etsy to be pressured to do more to rid the site of mass-produced goods, it was clear that some sellers are seriously concerned about the implications the BBC may have for their own sales.

У tweet in response to the BBC As for her segment, the seller said she was pleased to see what he calls resellers, “but hopefully potential customers won’t be deterred from coming to look at real sellers.”

Etsy told the BBC Watchdog that it used a combination of human and automated systems to remove items that violated its policies. He said resale is not allowed on his website, and said it is expanding and strengthening its programs.

The sellers discussed the TV broadcast on the Etsy discussion boards. One vendor said Etsy was “drowning” in items that violate site rules. “It’s much, much worse than ever, and the fact that Amazon dumped a lot of resellers to manipulate reviews is a big incentive for this sudden growth when they were looking for new outlets.”

“Good,” wrote another. “It seems that media coverage is the only thing that moves them. Funny how Etsy is not handmade. And vintage? Etsy has never met her. ”

Another said that if consumers lose confidence in Etsy, it will affect all its sellers.

The episode came out on Wednesday in the UK, most likely it will become available BBC website.

Ina Steiner

Ina Steiner
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