Bayer says a shortage of supplier production will affect glyphosate supplies

The “significant reduction in production” at the plant, which supplies one of the raw ingredients needed to produce glyphosate, will affect Bayer’s ability to supply products containing the chemical, the company said.

Uda Schneider, world head of active ingredient production, said in a Force majeure announcement for customers on Friday“Bayer’s ability to supply its customers with glyphosate or products containing glyphosate in accordance with certain agreements or in accordance with accepted purchase orders has affected.”

Force majeure is used to protect companies from liability when an unpredictable event occurs.

In a statement Monday, the company said that a mechanical failure at an unidentified supplier’s plant “could have some short-term impact on our production of the active ingredient for glyphosate production”.

“Our supplier is on track to resume production, we have purchased additional materials and made other mitigation efforts to help best cope with this situation,” the company said.

“We expect any impact to be negligible in terms of our annual glyphosate production,” Bayer added. Schneider said Bayer expects it will take three months to resolve the issue.

Bayer noted that “the crop chemistry market worldwide is experiencing historically limited supply due to complex global trade flows, the effects of the global pandemic and other forces that continue to put pressure on already limited supplies. Throughout these situations, Bayer has worked with our customers to help manage deliveries and best meet their needs around the world. ”

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup herbicide.

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