Bayer highlights new advances in technology

Bayer today announced the advancement of key innovation projects featuring the latest news in crop protection, seeds and traits and digital solutions.

These significant advances, plus more than 500 seed implementations and more than 300 new crop protection product registrations in 2021, are expected to fuel the company’s growth in both the medium and long term, as they bring new value to the industry. growers around the world. The company’s new solutions for agriculture are designed to support farmers in meeting their growing global demand for food, feed, fiber and fuel, while promoting a climate-smart future for industry.

Game-changing corn technologies are expected to empower growers around the globe

Bayer short corn is one step closer to farmers’ fields as the company’s shorter hybrids advance to Phase 4. Being one-third shorter than standard-height corn hybrids, the technology improves endurance, including better tolerance to hanging and stems, to help reduce the harvest. losses due to difficult environmental conditions and extreme weather, such as strong winds. Short corn allows for more accurate crop protection and optimized use of key inputs such as nitrogen.

In addition, work continues on a comprehensive approach to the more sustainable corn management system through Bayer’s Smart Corn System. The system, a completely new growth structure for one of the world’s most productive crops, creates a way for growers to take full advantage of Bayer’s portfolio of digital tools, custom seed and crop protection prescriptions, crop health management and optimization. planting density. .

Seed and trait management demonstrates innovation and a farmers’ approach

Bayer also commented on the status of the new seeds and traits.

  • Bollgard 4 cotton is in Phase 3, providing season-long protection with multiple modes of action for key lepidopteran pests, along with HT4 cotton with five herbicide tolerances.
  • The launch of state-of-the-art technology Intacta 2 Xtend offers a significant performance advantage for soybean farmers who deliver about 2.9 bushels per acre compared to similar varieties on the market. With the third-generation Phase 3 project, the company announced that the fourth generation is moving to Phase 1, cementing the franchise’s position as a cornerstone for how Bayer leads the industry in protecting soybean production from insect and weed pressure.
  • To bolster the company’s offerings for underground maize control, VTPRO4 and SmartStax PRO technology gives growers in the United States access to the new Bayer RNAi-based feature of corn rootworms – the industry’s first and crucial for managing resistance. It offers the most advanced insect control technology in Brazil, while complementing SmartStax corn in the US with a different mode of action.

Leading the digital transformation of agriculture and unlocking climate smart business models

The use of data and analysis continues to evolve rapidly, and agriculture is no different. The company’s digital farming solutions have a positive impact on agriculture by increasing yield and profitability, managing risk and variability and improving the efficiency and sustainability of the farm through more informed decisions. The digital opportunity established for Bayer extends beyond the farm as it expands its digital platforms and markets and seeks to create value downstream in carbon.

Climate FieldView, now on more than 180 million acres in 23 countries with the largest production database and seed performance data in the industry, continues to help farmers better manage their operations and optimize crops. For example, Bayer records higher product sales when growers compare and track the digital interface performance of the FieldView platform. Specifically, in the US, sales were over 5% higher for Bayer corn seed customers using FieldView Plus than non-users. Digital capabilities support efforts to provide farmers with customized solutions for their operations and to create new offerings in regions around the world. The Climate LLC and FieldView research programs use advanced data analysis and agronomic modeling to enable farmers to better understand their operations than ever before.

To unlock value downstream and enable climate-smart business models, Bayer has expanded its Carbon Initiative with the US-focused Carbonview Project, designed to create low-carbon feed, fuel and fiber. This collaboration, conceptualized by Bayer and developed with the support of Bushel and Amazon Web Services, is a unique technological solution that will allow ethanol producers to better report, analyze and evaluate the carbon footprint of the supply chain from end to end. . Bayer is also working with The Andersons, one of the largest ethanol producers in the United States, to bring this value to producers.

Finally, the partnership with Microsoft will build a new set of digital cloud-based solutions for use in agriculture and related industries, bringing new infrastructure and key capabilities to accelerate innovation, increase efficiency and sustain sustainability over time. value chains. Orbia, the company’s digital marketplace in Brazil, has expanded its coverage to more than 185,000 farmers, covering more than 70% of the country’s planted area, and expansion in Latin America is underway.

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