Bayer closes San Francisco research hub after 10 years of stretching

Bayer will leave San Francisco to consolidate his research activities in Boston after running a research hub in San Francisco for over a decade.

“Integrating research innovation activities in the Boston area of ​​Massachusetts, which is investing in the Kendall Square project in the United States, to maximize our resources and enthusiastically harness the potential for innovation both domestically and internationally. “Cambridge,” a Bayer spokeswoman said in an email Tuesday night.

“As a result of this decision, we will close the Open Innovation Center in Mission Bay, San Francisco-Western North America, in line with the termination of the facility’s lease,” a spokesman added.

First San Francisco Business Times on Monday report Future closure of the site, noting that Space’s company lease will expire in October.

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Bayer based in Germany Launch a shop In May 2010, Pfizer moved 65 researchers to an empty space near the University of San Francisco’s Mission Bay campus in San Francisco. In 2012, the company opened Mission Bay CoLaborator, a 6,000-square-foot incubator in the same building. Since then, we have expanded the incubator to 30,000 square feet.

When Bayer’s lease of space expires, the company that lived in the incubator will run out of home. “We are working with CoLaborator companies to ensure a smooth transition to the future location of our choice,” said a spokesman.

Bayer’s own workforce on the site has been reduced to just 20 people, thanks to the move of the research project to a different location. The work done by this team today will be integrated with the work of other Bayer Global teams. Research center. “

In April, Bayer announced that employee closures were imminent and decided to apply for other jobs within the company, including nearly 100 biotechnology jobs at Berkeley’s site directly across the bay. Encouraged the affected people.

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Berkeley’s site has a global manufacturing center for Bayer’s Hemophilia A products, but may eventually include more products. The company is seeking approval from Berkeley leaders for a 30-year plan to add one million square feet of production, research and office space to its site, San Francisco Business Times. report During April. We plan to use this site to manufacture medicines for protein therapy, cell therapy, gene therapy, and so on. Bayer closes San Francisco research hub after 10 years of stretching

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