Battery repair company for electronic bicycles provides funding of 2.75 million pounds

Based on Bordeaux Gouache raised £ 2.75 million (€ 3.3 million) led by French venture capital source Breega as well as the New Aquitaine and Bpifrance regions.

After 18 months of development, the founders of Gouach, Alexander Vallet, Maxim Agor and Mael Primet have developed a patented battery design that allows them to “… reduce by 80% the impact of lithium batteries on the environment.”

The unique product, designed specifically for the e-mobility market, was designed to produce a non-soldered battery, which, according to Gouache, allows you to recover it in less than 10 minutes.

The battery, designed for the use of electronic bicycles, electronic scooters and SEVs, is a patented system of interchangeable components. With lithium-ion batteries that can now be replaced, the warranty on the battery management system (BMS) is 10 years.

Breega founder and managing partner Maximilian Bacot comments: “Gouach is the first European company to address the issue of battery obsolescence in the micro-mobility sector. This patented, smart and repairable battery is a must for micro-mobility manufacturers and suppliers, enabling them to reduce both costs and carbon footprint. ”

This latest announcement came after the start of the partnership between Gouach and micromobility suppliers Dott.

Due to the fact that Deloitte predicts that sales of electronic bicycles will reach 40 million units in 2023, the battery design, serviceabilityand recycling remain a a hot topic of conversation.

https://cyclingindustry.news/repairable-e-bike-battery-biz-secures-2-75-million-funding/ Battery repair company for electronic bicycles provides funding of 2.75 million pounds

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