Bali reduces quarantine for all international arrivals

As the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, governments around the world have begun to do so to announce lifting quarantine and other restrictions related to the pandemic. In Indonesia, the central government has announced that the quarantine period for vaccinated and rehabilitated foreign guests will be reduced to three days.

Luhut Binsar Panjitan, who is the Indonesian coordinator of the Maritime and Investment Ministry, explained that the government will reduce quarantine for foreign guests wishing to vacation in Indonesia. The reduction of quarantine also applies to Indonesian citizens returning to the country from abroad.

To benefit from reduced quarantine, guests must show proof that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19. All visitors must also show a negative test for COVID-19 before traveling to Indonesia.

Upon arrival, guests will undergo a PCR test on the third day of quarantine. A negative test result allows the traveler to leave quarantine and travel around the country if desired.

Luhut invited guests to take an additional PCR test on the fifth day in Indonesia. In an interview, he also said he would reduce the quarantine period for all foreign travelers, regardless of their vaccination status.

In defense of his statement, Lugut said the country’s effective vaccination program deserves great respect. Continuing to improve the situation with COVID-19 could allow the government to repeal the centralized quarantine rules until April 1.

Luhut continued, explaining that Indonesia was trying to balance the health of its citizens with the health of its economy. Tourism accounts for 4.1% of Indonesia’s gross domestic product, and almost 11% of its citizens work in the tourism industry.

Today the first international tourists from Singapore arrived in Bali to take advantage of the changes.

Over the past seven days, Indonesia has reported an average of 32,576 cases of COVID-19 per day. During the week, this figure decreased by 10%. Bali reduces quarantine for all international arrivals

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