BAE Systems unveils vehicle bid for US Army OMFV competition

Daniel Wasserbly

BAE Systems’ OMFV proposal will use composite rubber tracks. (BAE Systems)

On November 30, BAE Systems announced a partnership with Elbit Systems of America, Curtiss-Wright Corporation and QinetiQ Limited for the US Army’s Augmented Manned Combat Vehicle (OMFV) program.

Jim Miller, vice president of business development at BAE Systems, told reporters Nov. 30 that the team used the new design because “we didn’t see an existing vehicle that had the space and height” to meet the Army’s requirements. The platform weighs about 50 tons (combat weight) and can hold another 6,000 pounds, Miller said.

Elbit Systems is supplying its 50mm Unmanned Turret (UT50), which uses the Northrop Grumman XM913 50mm gun, a high-performance ammunition handling system and third-generation FLIR sensors, the companies said in a statement. The OMFV design will use a “standardized Modular Open Systems Architecture (MOSA) developed by BAE Systems and Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions,” they added.

BAE Systems and QinetiQ Limited are developing and integrating Hybrid Electric Drive (HED) technology with the QinetiQ Limited EX-Drive modular cross-drive transmission.

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