BAE Systems Australia is developing the Hunter digital simulation tool

BAE Systems Maritime Australia has developed a new digital modeling tool in support with Royal Australian Navy(Run away) the future Hunter-class frigate program.

Hunter’s new digital simulation tool (HUDS) will improve the shipbuilding process, allowing the company to optimize program schedules through automated decision-making logic.

This tool will further support the rapid development of a wide range of shipbuilding scenarios that can be used to perform routine workstation analysis as well as track the development of future builds.

The previous analysis process was performed manually using Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and paper cut-outs and will take up to two weeks to develop. On the other hand, a new digital tool can easily perform the entire analysis in almost two minutes.

First Assistant Secretary for Surface Combatants and Combat Systems Maj. Sherrill Lutz said: “The HUDS tool makes it easier to use the data that helps us understand yard usage and implement key changes.”

In the future, the HUDS tool can be implemented to support the rapid development of assembly scenarios for both ground and air domains.

According to Lutz, the new tool will further enhance the digital capabilities of Osborne Naval Shipyard in South Australia.

The the company entered into a supply contract only nine Hunter-class anti-submarine ships in RANS. The new ships are being designed to replace the service’s existing fleet Warships of the “Anzac” class..

Lutz added, “The Osborne Naval Shipyard workforce will use advanced manufacturing techniques to deliver one of the most capable and lethal anti-submarine ships to date.”

The tool is also being looked at by UK shipbuilding groups who are building in the UK Royal Navy Type 26 frigates based on the Hunter class reference design. BAE Systems Australia is developing the Hunter digital simulation tool

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