BAE supplies end-to-end equipment for the USAF’s Compass Call electronic warfare aircraft

BAE Systems has completed design and testing of system components after final delivery of key equipment for the US Air Force’s first EC-37B Compass Call electronic warfare (EW) aircraft.

BAE said the latest delivery will play a key role in flight testing the operation and development of the Baseline 3 Compass Call configuration.

Baseline 3, which provides next-generation EW capabilities, is due to begin in January 2023.

“Since the beginning of the program, BAE Systems has continuously provided enhanced capabilities for Compass Call,” said the director Jared Bielinski. “This final equipment delivery for the first EC-37B aircraft provides an upgrade that will continue to outpace our adversaries.”

Compass call

The EC-37B Compass Call is the United States Department of Defense’s only long-range, full-spectrum jet equipped with advanced jamming capabilities.

The new platform is a redesigned model of the EC-130H airframe with improved flight characteristics.

According to BAE, Compass Call can prevent the transmission of information to adversaries, weapons systems and control networks, thereby breaking their air defenses.

Electronic warfare aircraft are also capable of disrupting enemy communications, radar, and navigation systems to limit battlespace coordination.

Last October, developer L3Harris announced it EW combat platform completed its first flight.

SABER technology

Last year, BAE announced the installation Small Adaptive Bank of Electronic Resources (SABER) technology. on the plane.

SABER’s open system architecture allows for rapid introduction of new features through software updates instead of hardware reconfiguration.“[SABER] is the latest update that integrates third-party applications, giving crews the ability to respond to threats faster than ever before,” said Director Pam Potter said in a statement. BAE supplies end-to-end equipment for the USAF’s Compass Call electronic warfare aircraft

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