Babcock is starting major infrastructure projects at Devonport, UK

Babcock International has started major regeneration work at the plant in Devanport, Plymouth, to meet the future requirements of the Royal Navy (RAN).

The work involves the demolition of existing blocks around the dock 10 of the site.

Babcock is leading the recovery work in collaboration with the UK Department of Defense (MO) and delivery partners Costain, Mott MacDonald and Mace.

Reconstruction is the first phase of Davanport’s multi-year development program.

The Department of Defense has signed initial contracts for $ 170 million (£ 140 million) from 2020 to improve infrastructure to support Astute RN class submarinewhich will replace Trafalgar class submarine.

It is expected that the company’s facility in Devanpart, located together with the RN naval base in Devanpart, will create new jobs as part of the new work.

Babcock Nuclear Executive Director Dominique Kieran said: “These projects will ensure the long-term future of the site by preparing our operational infrastructure for decades to support deliveries of critical national defense results, while providing about 200 new roles and supply chain opportunities to the region.”

The company has also begun preparations for an extensive disconnection project at Dock 9. It will be led by the Bechtel and Cavendish nuclear program team.

The team will provide extended service life, maintenance and improved dock facilities for support Submarines class “Vanguard” RN.

At the same time, Babcock’s Australian subsidiary Naval Ship Management (NSM) and Atlantic & Peninsula (A&P) Australia have signed an agreement to cooperate in projects to provide naval ships on the east coast of Australia.

The agreement was signed during the Maritime Conference, Indo-Pacific 2022, in Sydney.

Under the new agreement, the two companies will work together to implement plans to maintain the Royal Navy’s (RAN) warships.

NSM is currently responsible for maintaining two RAN helicopter docks, HMAS Adelaide and HMAS Canberra.

In addition, A&P Australia is working on a contract for maintenance and upkeep for HMAS Choules RAN.

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