Avianca requests 11 new international routes

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Colombian Airlines Aviyanka requested permission to open 11 new international routes A lot (BOG), Cartagena (CTG), Medellin (MDE) and Cali (CLO) to various destinations in the Americas and Europe. These new routes will have up to seven flights a week and significantly increase Avianca’s capacity.

New routes

On September 26, Avianca asked ColombiaThe Civil Aviation Authority (Aerocivil) will open 11 new international routes from Colombia to the United States (one route), Brazil (two routes), Peru (one route), Bolivia (one route, in the fifth flight to freedom), Ecuador (three routes), Dominican Republic (one route), Puerto Rico (one route) and Spain (two routes).


Avianca will operate its long-haul Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet for the Spain service, while other routes will be operated with the short-haul Airbus A320 fleet family. Routes requested by Colombian Airlines:

  1. Bogota-Boston (BOS)
  2. Bogota Belo Horizonte (CNF)
  3. Bogota-Cusca (CUZ)-La Paz (LPB). This route can only be authorized as Bogota-Cusca, leaving La Paz further on.
  4. Bogota Manaus (MAO)
  5. Cali-Barcelona (BCN)
  6. Cartagena-Guayaquil (GYE)
  7. Medellin-Guayaquil
  8. Medellin Santo Domingo (SDQ)
  9. Medellin Quito (UIO)
  10. Medellin San Juan (SJU)
  11. Medellin-Barcelona

These routes show that Avianca is looking to significantly increase connectivity in Medellin, Colombia’s second largest hub. Moreover, Medellin is known mainly for Vivabase of operations. Viva and Avianca plan to establish a holding company in Colombia.

Avianca has requested permission to open 11 new international routes. Photo: Daniel Martinez Garbuno | Simple flight.

How controversial are these routes?

Let’s take a look at these routes. Are they contested or will Avianca be the only player to operate them?

First, according to Cirium data, Avianca’s new routes from Bogota are completely uncontested. There are currently no airlines that fly from Bogota to Boston, Belo Horizonte or Cusco. Also, no one is flying the Cuzco-La Paz route requested by Avianca using fifth freedom.

The same thing happens with routes from Cali and Cartagena. No one flies long-haul routes between Cali and Barcelona. Long-haul routes available instead are Bogota-Barcelona (Avianca), Bogota-Madrid (Avianca, Iberia and Air Europa), California-Madrid (Avianca), Medellin-Madrid (Avianca and Air Europa) and Cartagena-Madrid (Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas ). The Cartagena-Guayaquil route is also undisputed.

Now, looking at the requested routes from Medellin, there is only one that is already contested. The service in question is between Medellin and Santo Domingo, which is already operated twice a week by Wingo, a subsidiary of Copa Holdings in Colombia.

Avianca is looking to increase its capacity at Medellin International Airport. Photo: Avianca.

What’s new about the Avianca-Viva partnership

Avianca, Viva Colombia, Viva Peru and GOL Linhas Aéreas are set to form a new holding company called Abra Group Limited. This holding will encompass these four airlines, creating the largest airline group in South America.

Nevertheless, the holding faces setbacks and controversies in Colombia. Other airlines in the country do not want Avianca and Viva under the same ownership. They believe that the consolidation will create a monopoly that will affect the Colombian aviation industry by increasing ticket prices.

Avianca and Viva were reported this week to be facing demand in Colombia. The plaintiffs claim that Avianca and Viva are already operating together despite the lack of permission from the Colombian civil aviation authorities.

What do you think of the announced Avianca routes? Would you like to travel in any of these segments? Let us know in the comments below.

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