Avanti turns to regional operator partnerships to expand satellite coverage

TAMPA, Fla. — U.K.-based Avanti Communications is seeking new partnerships to expand its presence after striking its first major capacity deal with another regional satellite operator.

On Sept. 13, Avanti announced a five-year partnership with Turkey’s Turksat that brings more than 100 gigabits per second (Gbps) of Ka-band bandwidth between them across Africa and the Middle East.

The deal combines Avanti’s Hylas 4 and Hylas 2 satellites with Turksat’s recently launched Turksat-5B to sell broadband in areas with limited terrestrial infrastructure.

Turksat signed a contract in 2019 to use the capacity of Hylas 2, covering Europe, the Middle East, East and South Africa, for a period of three years with the option of a one-year extension.

Their expanded partnership “is a significant milestone for Avanti’s business and marks the first time we have partnered with another strong regional satellite operator to access their capacity,” said Avanti CEO Kyle Whitehill. SpaceNews.

Whitehill said the company “continues to seek partnerships that leverage satellite technology and help individuals, businesses and communities thrive.”

He said Avanti “has invested 75% of our total investment” to increase connectivity to Africa.

The company recently launched a managed satellite service called Avanti Extend, which aims to help mobile operator customers connect to remote and hard-to-reach areas in sub-Saharan Africa.

“This enables customers to provide reliable cellular services to 100 million people living in these difficult locations that would otherwise be unreachable using traditional terrestrial infrastructure,” he said.

Avanti is also currently building a satellite gateway in Senegal to extend the reach of Hylas 4, the operator’s latest satellite, to West Africa.

While Avanti’s fleet of five satellites is in geostationary orbit, Whitehill said the company is developing hybrid network products and services that combine capacity from lower orbits and terrestrial network capabilities.

Regional satellite operators are interested in partnering with Starlink and other low-Earth-orbit broadband groups to meet growing demand for bandwidth, executives at some of those companies said September 13 during the World Satellite Business Week conference in Paris. Avanti turns to regional operator partnerships to expand satellite coverage

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