Atlas Air is receiving the second of its last four B747-8Fs

Atlas Air has announced the delivery of a Boeing 747-8 Freighter, the second of four new 747-8 freighters on order from Atlas Air in 2021. These are the last ones The B747-8F will someday be produced by an American aircraft manufacturer.

According to A statement produced by Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, the parent company of Atlas Air, the new 747-8 was delivered on October 4, 2022.

“We are excited to receive this additional 747-8F and increase capacity and value for our customers,” said John Dietrich, president and chief executive officer of Atlas Air Worldwide.

“Atlas’ investment in these new aircraft underscores our commitment to protecting the environment by reducing aviation emissions, resource consumption and noise,” Dietrich added.

Production of the Boeing 747-8 Freighter is coming to an end after 50 years

The first Boeing 747 entered service in 1969, kicking off the Boeing 747 program that spanned more than 50 years.

However, in late July 2020, Boeing President and CEO Dave Calhoun announced tProduction of the 747 is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

In June 2022, Atlas Air took delivery of the first of the last four Boeing 747-8 freighters in production. Registered as N860GT, first The Boeing 747-8 freighter was to be operated on behalf of Cainiao, the logistics arm of China’s Alibaba Group.

Atlas is currently the largest operator of the Boeing 747, with a total of 48,747 freighters in its fleet.

UPS Airlines received its last Boeing 747-8 freighter in April 2022, leaving the carrier as the world’s second largest operator of the Boeing 747 with a total of 41,747 freighters.

https://www.aerotime.aero/articles/32323-atlas-air-takes-delivery-of-four-final-b747-8fs Atlas Air is receiving the second of its last four B747-8Fs

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