APAS President responds to record exports of agricultural products

Major exports include rapeseed, rapeseed oil, durum wheat, lentils, hard peas and dried peas, with major international markets including the United States, China, Japan and Mexico.

Overall, rapeseed oil has seen a huge rise in several different countries. Since 2020, the cost of rapeseed exports has grown by 50%, including in the United States – by 72%.

Boxal says other countries around the world have the potential to increase the cost of canola oil exports.

“As people around the world start trying to eat healthy, I think rapeseed health shows that,” he said.

“It also shows that we have invested heavily in Saskatchewan in our rapeseed industry, and we have a lot more to look forward to.”

The province has other goals for the growth plan, the media said. These include increasing crop production to 45 million tons, agricultural exports to $ 20 billion and value-added revenue to $ 10 billion by the end of this decade.

Boxal said that depending on certain circumstances these figures should be reached.

“If we are given the right environment to succeed, the producers will succeed, and we will achieve the numbers the government wants,” he said.

However, the current convoy of truckers is affecting business not only in Saskatchewan but across the country.

“I think it affects some manufacturers when it comes to supply chains. I think it affects the cattle and livestock sector when it comes to collecting and sending animals, ”Boxal said.

“We hear that protesters are missing live animals (and) trucks, but there are delays, so it affects these sectors.”

Boxal says those delays cannot continue through border crossings with the United States before the industry begins to see the effects. APAS President responds to record exports of agricultural products

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