Angus completes expansion of Louisiana site to include Tris Amino hydrochloride production – Chemical Engineering

Mary Paige Bailey

ANGUS Chemical Co. (Buffalo Grove, Illinois) has announced the expansion of its production in Stirlington, Louisiana to include commercial production Tris Amino Hydrochloride (HCl) products..

Tris Amino HCl is widely used as a diagnostic reagent and as a buffer for further processing in the purification of commercial biopharmaceuticals. Combined with Tris Amino buffer grades in a molar ratio of 3: 1, it effectively functions as a physiological buffer with a pH of 7.3 to 7.5, making it ideal for a variety of biotechnological applications.

“As global demand for high-purity buffers and biochemicals continues to grow rapidly with the growth of biopharmaceutical and diagnostic markets, manufacturers are increasingly faced with the challenge of ensuring a sustainable supply of essential chemicals needed for their processes and end products,” said Laura Kepplinger. , the leader of the world segment in the life sciences ANGUS. “As the world’s largest and only fully integrated manufacturer of Tris Amino tromethamine buffers, ANGUS has a unique position to ensure 100% traceability and the safest and most sustainable supply of Tris Amino HCl products in today’s market.”

Tris Amino HCl products are manufactured by ANGUS at the Stirlington plant as part of the company’s single global quality management system, which includes ISO 9001: 2015 certified process monitoring and facility management systems. In addition, ANGUS operates a specialized life sciences staff, a quality control laboratory and a filling and packaging center in Sterlington, which maintains customer qualifications through comprehensive internal testing using proven analytical techniques.

“ANGUS is committed to investing in our world-class facilities, processes and systems to meet the demanding quality and compliance standards of the life sciences markets we serve,” said ANGUS President and CEO David Neuberger. “Given the evolving market needs, we have over the years expanded our capacity to include multi-company varieties of cGMP buffers Tris Amino, as well as Tris Amino’s second production site in Ibbenbüren, Germany. Today, with the expansion of commercial production of Tris Amino HCl products, ANGUS has a good position to ensure the safety and continuity of supply chains for our important chemicals. ” Angus completes expansion of Louisiana site to include Tris Amino hydrochloride production – Chemical Engineering

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