Analysis: Pentagon Space Budget “Clear Winner” in 2022 Proposal

Most of the Pentagon’s space budget increase in 2022 is for classified R & D programs.

Washington — In the Biden administration’s 2022 budget, the Pentagon demands $ 15.3 billion to invest in space technology. Report of consulting firm Avassent..

Most of the increase is due to the US Space Force’s classified R & D program, which will increase from $ 3.6 billion in 2021 to $ 4.5 billion in 2022.

“The national security sector was clearly the winner among the major investment accounts,” said Abascent’s report, released on June 10.

The Pentagon’s space budget is absolutely less than in other categories, but the 2022 proposal will increase it relatively significantly, the report said. “National Security Space Investment Expenditure in 2010 (2010) Procurement and RDT & E) increased by 13.8%, and the rest of the Pentagon increased by about 1%. ”RDT & E stands for Research, Development, Testing and Engineering.

The $ 15.3 billion space technology investment proposed in 2022 includes:

  • $ 6.8 Billion Space Force Uncategorized RDT & E
  • $ 4.5 billion for RDT & E classified as Space Force
  • $ 2.7 billion for space force non-confidential procurement
  • $ 900 Million for Space Development Agency Confidential RDTE and Procurement
  • $ 400 to RDT & E of Missile Defense Agency and Defense Advanced Research Planning Agency

Andrew Penn, an analyst at Avassent, said the increase in space funding was “a perception of the threat facing the United States.”

The message from this budget is that the universe “cannot be a political debate and requires capabilities that we do not have today, both in orbit and on the ground,” Penn said.

Congress is likely to consider budget requests and make some adjustments within the next few months, but “I would be shocked if the space force’s top line were significantly reduced,” Penn said. “If anything, a slight increase is more likely to result.” Analysis: Pentagon Space Budget “Clear Winner” in 2022 Proposal

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