Amy Dalton from the BCD on changing models in business travel

In a guest post for Business travel newsBCD Travel Vice President Amy Dalton said growing geopolitical challenges, changing consumer and corporate values ​​such as increasing attention to carbon emissions, rising costs and supply chain problems will make us rethink how businesses operate in the future.

Rethink and reset

Amy Dalton, vice president of BCD Travel

Rethinking means making companies more sustainable through creative and diversified approaches to supply, production and consumption – and finding ways to bring production closer to the point of consumption. As a result, we can see rising prices, declining investment, labor shortages and broader digital connections. All this can lead to the repositioning of economic benefits away from emerging markets and back to developed economies. Changing any of them, Dalton said, could affect the volume and timing of business travel, as well as the ease of travel between countries. Her mood echoes the findings in the recently published BCD Travel 2022 Business Travel Trends Report in eight areas that will affect managers and travelers this year.

What can this mean for travelers? Tougher trips. Dalton said travelers will find international travel more challenging and they will need extra support from their companies to overcome the challenge.

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Take action now

Dalton urged travel managers and procurement professionals to review their programs and consider how the world’s larger powers could affect their strategy. Her recipe:

  • Keep track of travel information and take action
  • Provide adequate support for international travel
  • Evaluate and adjust agreements with suppliers as needed

We still don’t know much about how resetting globalization will affect the business travel community, Dalton said. She advised tourism managers and procurement professionals to work with tourism service providers that have global networks supported by local operations to deliver market experience.

For questions about the steps you can take now to fit into your program in the future, contact your program manager. Not a BCD client? Contact us.

Top 8 business travel trends of 2022

The last two years have also been a time for reflection, leading to a reorientation to new priorities for the future. What does this refocus mean for travel?

We have identified a short list of trends that we believe will resonate with both tour managers and travelers in 2022. Amy Dalton from the BCD on changing models in business travel

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