American Airlines is adding new direct flights to Ireland for the summer of 2022

American Airlines expanding its operations in Dublin (DUB) with the resumption of three summer flights in Charlotte (CLT), Chicago O’Hare (ORD) and Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW).

According to information recorded by Aviacionline through Cirium, America’s largest airline will offer 13,650 tickets a week for fifty-six flights this summer, a 96.2 percent increase in capacity compared to 2019.

These flights, which will run until October 29, are in addition to regular transportation from Philadelphia.

“It’s great to see the expansion of American Airlines. In Ireland, we have deep ties to the United States, so further expansion is great news for both business and leisure, ”said Dalton Phillips, DAA CEO, Dublin Airport Operator.

“We look forward to continuing to work with American Airlines to promote their expanded range of services at Dublin Airport,” he added.

Flight route:

Dublin (DUB) – Charlotte (CLT)

  • Flight AA724 CLT 16:45 – DUB 05: 20 + 1
  • Flight AA725 DUB 11:15 – CLT 14:30

Dublin (DUB) – Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW)

  • Flight AA132 DFW 19:10 – DUB 10: 05 + 1

Dublin (DUB) – Chicago O’Hare (ORD)

  • Flight AA208 ORD 22:10 – DUB 11: 40 + 1
  • Flight AA209 DUB 09:30 – ORD 11:30

Dublin (DUB) – Philadelphia (PHL)

  • Flight AA722 PHL 18:00 – DUB 05: 35 + 1
  • Flight AA723 DUB 13:55 – PHL 15:55
  • Flight AA133 DUB 14:55 – DFW 18:35

“We are proud to continue to expand our presence in Europe through more flights from Dublin to our US hubs, providing more flexible travel options for our customers who want to return to heaven,” said Ratt Workman, Managing Director of American Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

This summer, Dublin Airport has 44 airlines in 180 locations around the world. With more than 1,300 weekly flights to Europe, more than 700 to the United Kingdom and more than 200 to North America, this summer promises plenty of travel opportunities. American Airlines is adding new direct flights to Ireland for the summer of 2022

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