Amendments required for the Agricultural Labor Modernization Act-

The US House of Representatives passed the 2021 Farm Labor Modernization Act. NFL President Manuel Cunha “Unfortunately, their version of the law did not include packing house or processing facility employees by definition,” he said.Agricultural labor or service.. It is our desire to expand the definition to include essential employees in the community and economic sector. “

The 2021 Agricultural Labor Modernization Act will provide agricultural workers who have lived in this country for years and decades, irreplaceable for our economy, with the opportunity to gain citizenship.

Community leaders are concerned.Orange Cove City Mayor of Victor Lopez “Hard-working people working to pack homes in our community should be treated fairly. We urge the Senate to adopt words that expand the definition of the farm workforce.”

Alma Bertrand, Mayor of Parlia, added: We don’t want to divide our family. We want the community to be strong and viable. “

More recently, the Nisei Farmers League, African American Farmers in California, the InsurAmerica Project, and numerous mayors wrote to Senators Feinstein and Padilla, the Senate version of the 2021 Farm Labor Modernization Act. “We will seek help from 43 cities in the Sandhoakin Valley,” said Cunha.

Cunha further states: It is even more important that our “dreamers” are not forgotten in efforts to legalize agricultural workers in the light of the recent federal ruling that new applications for DACA must be suspended. In our community, many dreamers work for their parents in agriculture. Not advancing the DACA Act leaves thousands of people with uncertain futures and the potential for family separation. “ Amendments required for the Agricultural Labor Modernization Act-

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