Amazon, workers agree to hold union elections on Staten Island

(Bloomberg) —Amazon.com Inc. and warehouse workers in Staten Island, New York, have reached a preliminary agreement to hold union elections, U.S. workers said.

The National Labor Council said in a statement Wednesday that it would announce the timing and format of the election in a timely manner. Earlier, the newborn labor union Amazon said a personal vote would be held March 25-30.

ALU faces tremendous chances. Despite the vigorous campaign, the much better-known union of retailers, wholesalers and department stores lost the election last year at the Amazon execution center in Bessemer, Alabama. The Labor Council has ordered new elections after the union appealed their results, but is far from sure that this time RWDSU will win.

However, Christian Smalls, president of the ALU, has made significant strides in New York City, despite a lack of money and experience in organizing national unions. He worked at Amazon for more than four years before being fired in 2020 for violating safety rules; Smalls said he was protesting against the inadequate policies of Amazon COVID-19.

“We remain skeptical that there are enough legal signatures in support of this election petition,” said Amazon spokeswoman Kelly Nantel. “But since the NLRB has decided that the election will continue, we want the votes of our employees to be heard as soon as possible. Our employees have always had a choice, whether to join a union or not, and we are focusing on working directly with our team to make Amazon a great place to work. ”


https://www.digitalcommerce360.com/2022/02/17/amazon-workers-agree-to-hold-union-election-in-staten-island/ Amazon, workers agree to hold union elections on Staten Island

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