Amazon Says Global Warming Carbon Dioxide Emissions Up 18% in 2021

Amazon.com Inc. said its carbon footprint would increase by 18 percent in 2021 as the company’s rapid growth during the pandemic overshadowed its nascent efforts to reduce its contribution to planet-warming emissions.

Amazon said in an updated edition of its sustainability report on Monday that it emitted 71.54 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent last year. That’s up about 40 percent since the company first disclosed the figure, with data for 2019.

Amazon’s carbon intensity — a measure that divides emissions by gross product sales — fell 1.9 percent, reflecting the company’s success in sourcing products and running its warehouses, data centers and offices more efficiently.

Amazon aims to become “net zero” by 2040. In addition to reducing emissions through electric vehicles and other operational initiatives, Amazon plans to buy credits associated with projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere. The promise of net zero is a big challenge for a company that seeks to grow as a startup and operates a cargo airline, sprawling retail and logistics businesses, grocery stores and data centers.

Amazon’s carbon footprint includes, among other things, emissions created by its own offices and data centers, purchased electricity, tailpipe emissions from supply partners, and the production of Amazon-branded products. Unlike some retailers, the Seattle-based company doesn’t try to account for the emissions that go into the production of the products it sells, with the exception of private label items.

“The challenges we collectively face on our path to net-zero carbon are significant,” Amazon said in a report. “Many emerging technologies show promising capabilities to reduce carbon emissions, but may still require significant development.”

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https://www.businessoffashion.com/news/sustainability/amazon-says-its-planet-warming-carbon-emissions-grew-18-in-2021/ Amazon Says Global Warming Carbon Dioxide Emissions Up 18% in 2021

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