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The Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull, the Minister of Defense, Senator Marie Payne and the Minister of Defense Industry Christopher Pine inspect the F-35 Joint Fighter JSF at the Avalon Air Show on March 3, 2017 in Avalon, Australia. (Photo by Scott Barbour / Getty Images )

Singapore Air Show: All operations in the domains have entered the international market in full, and Lockheed Martin at the hourly briefing advertises them as an important source of business in Asia, as well as a critical operational tool for US and Allied forces.

Although the briefing was also designed to remind everyone of the centrality of the F-35 in U.S. combat because of its cyber capabilities, electronic warfare, sensors, and data merging, the focus was on elements identified by the U.S. military as key capabilities for All Domain Operations: the ability to collect, disseminate and comprehend vast amounts of data at speed so that commanders can act quickly and penetrate inside the enemy OODA loop.

“This is what we see as the future of security around the world and probably this is what we hear most often. As we begin to travel the world, after COVID-19, countries around the world are talking about it, ”said Tim Cahill, Lockheed’s senior vice president of global business development. Cahill said he could not allocate the dollar figure in the global or Asian market for work related to all domains, but he said it would include outdated systems, new features such as the F-35, and a lot of software and hardware for management and control. .

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“So you need to have platforms that are able to collect the information you need to collect and then pass that information to some other node on the network and then be able to take any information it receives, process it and act on it . There are a lot of outdated systems in the world, so there needs to be a little modernization. But, Cahill said, “in fact, there’s also a new generation of deployable systems that already have built-in capabilities. And the F-35 is just a great example.”

Gary North, former commander of the Pacific Air Force and now head of Lockheed’s customer requirements department, spoke in favor of the F-35 as a cornerstone in the collaborative architecture of all domain operations. He drew attention to the Talisman Saber 2021 exercise, the largest bilateral training event between the Australian Defense Forces and the U.S. military, designed to test countries ’joint operations.

For example, the Joint Strike Fighter “demonstrated its ability to transmit data over various networks from aircraft that took off from Fort Worth, Texas, to other aircraft and sent information via Hawaii to Australia to provide data for exercises in Australia,” North said.

Thomas Rowden, vice president of Rotary and Mission Systems and a former senior officer in flood warfare in the U.S. Navy, cited the efforts of the Australian Air 6500 Joint Air Battle Management System as an example of “where it truly unites for us, not just in pulling the sensor together, bringing together decision makers working with the Australian Defense Forces to tighten that noose ”. Lockheed is competing with Northrop Grumman for a contract for the program.

But while Australia and the United States fly the F-35 and can share top-level intelligence and related data, Cahill said “what legacy will be a problem.” If all operations in domains are built in the Pacific, when two weapons systems can’t communicate with each other, “you have to build a connection. If you do it from scratch, you will be able to apply some standards. “

Thus, Cahill and his colleagues said that software that allows obsolete systems to connect could be the biggest challenge for creating collaborative operations across all domains. And that could be a lucrative business opportunity across the Pacific. All the domain fever comes to the Singapore Air Show – Breaking Defense Breaking Defense

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