All Foods from Bill Gates Farmland-Potato News Today

They own the soil where McDonald’s French fries potatoes, carrots from the world’s largest producers, and onions sautéed by Americans for dinner every night grow. This report Along April Glazer For NBC.

Glaser, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates divorced They split their assets and invest deeply in American agriculture. In less than a decade, the billionaires have accumulated more than 269,000 acres of farmland in 18 states. This is more than the total area of ​​New York City. Agricultural land was purchased through a series of companies associated with a couple’s investment group. Cascade InvestmentBased in Kirkland, Washington.

In Washington, the Gates own more than 14,000 acres of farmland, which has huge potato fields that are visible from space, some of which are processed into McDonald’s French fries. ..

According to property and business records, the Gates purchased 14,500 acres of land, 100 Circles Farm, for $ 171 million in 2018 along the Columbia River border between Washington and Oregon. In Gates parcels, there is an industrial farm that grows potatoes for McDonald’s French fries. Cascade declined to comment on certain land holdings.

Source: NBC. Read the full text here
Photo: The 100 Circles Farm is located in Washington State, just north of the Columbia River. Google Maps via NBC All Foods from Bill Gates Farmland-Potato News Today

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