Airbus unveils new A350 simulator in Asia

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has unveiled its fourth full A350 simulator at the Airbus Asia Training Center (AATC) in Singapore. The new training complex demonstrates the growing importance of the Asia-Pacific region for Airbus and the A350 in particular. Currently, AATC has the largest A350 simulator power than any other training center in the world.

The fourth complete flight simulator

AATC has launched its fourth A350 Full Flight Simulator, adding to its list of other Airbus simulators. The school already has two A320s, two A330s and one A380 simulator, making it the largest Airbus flight crew training center on the global network.

AATC, a joint venture owned by 55% of Airbus and 45% of Singapore Airlines (SIA), began operations in April 2015, offering courses from temporary facilities at the SIA Training Center near Changi Airport. A year later, the work was moved to a new center located in the aerospace park “Seletar”, an area of ​​9250 square meters.


The AATC is the largest Airbus flight crew training center on the global network. Photo: Magician Getty

The Asia-Pacific region is very important for Airbus, especially for its large aircraft, and Singapore acts as an important training center for aircraft manufacturers in the region. The Global Business Press quotes Valerie Manning, senior vice president of Airbus Training & Flight Operations Services:

“The Asia-Pacific region has traditionally been the largest market for Airbus wide-body aircraft. This was further confirmed by the success of the A350, which now flies with 16 airlines from the region. Our joint investment with SIA to offer comprehensive flight crew training services closer to airline bases in the region has been very well received. ”

Singapore is important for Airbus

Airbus attracts a lot of business from Singapore and over the years has consolidated its presence in the island city-state. Singapore Airlines has demonstrated Airbus ’significant commitment to long-range operations as the A350’s largest operator. There are a total of 58 A350s in the fleet, of which 51 are A350-900 and seven are A350-900ULR.

A350-900 SFO Getty Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is the world’s largest A350 operator. Photo: Getty Images

In addition, the airline looked at a cargo version of the aircraft – the A350F – to replace its fleet with the 747F by locating the firm order of the seven new A350Fs at the Singapore Air Show. So investing in another simulator at AATC makes sense for Airbus. The GBP report also cites Captain Qui Chu Eng, Senior Vice President of Flight Operations at Singapore Airlines,

“As the world’s largest Airbus A350 operator, SIA views the AATC as a center of excellence for training A350 pilots. Our strategic partnership continues to grow as demand for air travel grows. AATC’s latest A350 Full Flight Simulator will continue to help SIA and other operators keep pace with the latest training requirements, while maintaining Singapore’s position as a leading aviation hub. ”

Recently, the aircraft manufacturer also signed an agreement with Singapore’s Changi airport to study the potential of the future hydrogen hub. The cooperation is a step towards reducing aircraft emissions and helping to decarbonise air transport activities on the ground.

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