Airbnb is making major platform updates and adding new features for travelers

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The platform now includes a category feature and a split house feature

American company Airbnb recently has made major updates to its platform. Now every user who visits the official website will find a six-minute film in which Brian Cesky, co-founder and CEO, explains the new features and shows travelers a new way of life.

On Wednesday, Cesky announced “the biggest change in Airbnb in ten years” during the company’s virtual summer event, which includes a new search feature called “categories”, a new feature called “split houses” and a new guest insurance called ” Air cover. The website and app have been redesigned to demonstrate the company’s new strategy.

These recent updates allow travelers to expand the experience and discover new exotic places tailored to their needs and lifestyles. According to information disseminated in Fr. press releaseAirbnb is adapting to what travelers and remote workers now need.

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Cesky explained the reasons for the new features: “First, people are more flexible about where they live and work, so we’ve developed a new way to search with Airbnb categories. Second, people go on longer trips, so we created Split Stays to give you more options by splitting the trip between two houses. And third, we provide AirCover for guests, which gives you confidence in booking, knowing that Airbnb supports you. ”

Since last year, the company has updated and optimized services – in 2021 they made 150 updates – to adapt to the pandemic and satisfy customers. Despite the struggle, the changes have worked, and the future of Airbnb looks brighter. Their business model is currently being adopted by other companies in the travel industry: Marriott now offers short-term rentals to reach a similar audience

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Airbnb has reported an increase in bookings for the summer of 2022 by 80% compared to the summer of 2019. The company has also noticed different behaviors: longer stays of travelers working remotely, and interest in different trips.

Airbnb believes that a new era of travel has begun. “We believe that people are ready to dream again,” said Cesky. The CEO also added: “Many people have been sequestered at home for two years. Many people did not go on such a great journey for the first time. And that’s why we want to encourage people to leave home and go to this great world. “

Here is more information about the new features:

  • Airbnb Categories: The new redesign now features 56 categories of unique homes – from tiny homes to yellow underwater tree houses – to suit users ’interests and help them discover new exciting lists.

For this feature, the company has selected 6 million homes worldwide that offer guests a special experience. Travelers will be able to choose unique homes from categories such as “castles”, “caves”, “farms”, homes with “amazing pools”, “mansions” and even “OMG”.

  • Split houses: Given that travelers choose longer times, this new feature allows guests to split the trip between two different homes in the same area.

Separate stays can also be combined into 14 categories so that travelers can have similar homes or preferred occupations. For example, a guest may share accommodation and find two houses near the coast to surf in different locations in the same region.

A woman carries a surfboard on the beach
  • AirCoverA: This new insurance offers four different types of protection. A booking protection guarantee who finds the guest a similar house in case the host cancels the reservation within 30 days after arrival, check-in guarantee who finds solutions in case a guest can’t drive into the house as well guarantee you will get what you booked which offers guests alternatives in case the house does not look as advertised, and a 24-hour security line if the guest does not feel safe in one of the lists.

The new redesign and features of the Airbnb 2022 summer release are already available to users in the United States and will be visible from other countries within a week. The company created Fr. page where travelers can learn more about new updates.

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